Ferrari has made big announcements in its new 2022-2026 strategic plan

Ferrari’s Capital Markets Day reveals an exciting future for the brand.

We’ve been looking forward to Ferrari’s first SUV, the Purosangue, for quite some time. As we have seen with other brands across the automotive industry, luxury performance SUVs have the potential to make a significant mark on the brand’s performance and portfolio. During its Capital Market Day, where Ferrari’s 2022-2026 strategic plan was announced to investors, the brand announced that Purosangue was set to unveil in September of this year, but what Ferrari had was the tip of the iceberg. Savings for next year as it transforms before our eyes. In terms of new models and electrification, the Ferrari of the future is going to be different from the Ferrari we know before, but it will also be true in the Ferrari spirit.

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Ferrari has announced that its first full-electric model will be released in 2025. Focusing on 3 types of powertrains, Ferrari’s powertrain offers by 2026 consist of 40% internal combustion and 60% hybrid and fully electric powertrains. Ferrari promises to create hybrid and electrical technology in the Maranello the way they did and Ferrari will achieve this from racing for driving feeling and experience. Ferrari projects for this plan will bring EBITDA up to 2.7 billion in 2026, although still maintaining the low-volume exclusivity that has made Ferrari so legendary and famous. Finally, Ferrari has promised that a new supercar will be unveiled within the planning period, which will determine the bright future of Ferrari for almost everyone involved.

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