Ferrari has announced a new Le Man Hypercar 49 years after retiring from the top class

Ferrari has decided to reopen an important chapter in its history.

After the disappointing 24-hour Le Mans in 1973, Ferrari decided to drop the towel when it came to top-class endurance racing, and it’s been almost 50 years since the decision was made to focus on the F1. 3 Ferrari spent time to lead the race, only finished one, and that was second. This 250 LM, 275 P, and 330 P2 and P3 all revived Ferrari’s two decades of patient racing legacy, ending one of the best racing dynasties.

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It’s been a long time, but Ferrari has just announced that it has decided to return to the 2023 FIA World Endurance Championships with a new Le Mans Hypercar after 50 years. The first details of the new car and a teaser image have been released, and the front of the car is similar to the Ferrari Daytona SP3, a car that pays homage to the 60’s Ferrari race cars. Ferrari says the new Le Mans Hypercar will begin development testing next week, with Le Mans having one year left until 2023 24 hours. The countdown has now begun, as Le Mans will re-enter the ring half a century after Ferrari’s departure.

Source: Ferrari

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