Every new car deal, offer and incentive is now in one place

We are excited to announce a new feature Care Expert: A page where you can see every new car deal currently available.

This is in addition to the introduction of our original car pricing reports, which provide you with official registration price data so that you know exactly what others have paid for the same car you are interested in.

We aim to provide new car buyers with more sophisticated, data-driven research tools, and the New Car Deal page provides a list of every single deal, offer or incentive available for a new car for sale in Australia.

Every month, manufacturers announce new deals and incentives to help sell cars, and we put them together in a very easy-to-use and searchable interface.

We’ll save all previous deals and finally, provide a rough timeline of when and how these deals will come on the market for each make and model and what the average discount will be compared to the previous time, so you have all the information you need when shopping for a new car.

See: New Car Deal

As many of you know, the supply of new cars is low at the moment so deals and offers for popular models are limited.

If you visit the Deals page, however, you may be surprised to learn that new cars are now available, not just for instant delivery, but with a decent incentive above.

Feel free to give us your feedback on the new car deal page interface and we would like to thank all of you who have so far purchased an original car price report and given us feedback. We’re taking almost daily changes and updates to improve that feature

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