Everrati’s Ford GT40 Electric Conversion Pack 800 hp

Governments are pushing for the elimination of cars with internal combustion engines, and at times we may even see classic cars being taken off the road.

There is a way to save them, though, by removing the powertrain and installing a battery-electric setup. Several companies have begun offering the service, including automakers such as Volkswagen Group, General Motors and Ford.

A wide range of service providers is Everrati UK, which has developed an electric conversion for the Ford GT40. Fortunately an original GT40 was not involved in this conversion. Instead, Everrati used a nice replica version of Jupiter, built by Florida-based Superformans.

Ford GT40 electric conversion by Everrati

Ford GT40 electric conversion by Everrati

First announced last summer, Everrati’s GT40 features a custom-designed powertrain that produces a total of 800 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque from a pair of rear axle electric motors. It also features a 6.52: 1 compound single ratio reduced transmission and limited-slip differential.

The battery is a 60-kilowatt-hour unit that runs on a 700-volt electrical system, and Everrati says the unit is designed to be stable on the racetrack. The limit is claimed to be more than 125 miles, and it would take about 45 minutes to charge 20-80% using a high-speed charger.

Performance statistics include 0-60 mph acceleration images in less than four seconds and a maximum speed of about 125 mph.

Ford GT40 electric conversion by Everrati

Ford GT40 electric conversion by Everrati

To ensure optimal weight distribution and improve vehicle mobility, each component of the powertrain, including batteries and drivelines, uses existing chassis structural mounting points. This results in a 40:60 weight distribution from front to rear, which is closer to the ideal 50:50 split than racing with some original GT40s. The 2,910-pound carb weight is comparable to some original GT40 race cars when fully fueled.

Where appropriate, some components outside the powertrain have been upgraded to meet modern standards (think of safety) or to help the car prove itself in the future.

Other models that could convert Everrati include the 964-generation Porsche 911, the Land Rover Series IIA, and the W113-generation Mercedes-Benz SL.

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