EV Network has installed EV Fast Charger in the shopping center

EV Networks Roll out the fast charging station to the electric vehicle across AMP Capital The whole network of shopping centers.

It will have fast chargers in 14 shopping centers in Australia and two in New Zealand. These include large retail complexes such as the Indoropili Center in Queensland and the Pacific Fair and the Macquarie Center in New South Wales.

Five shopping centers already have charging stations, and AMP Capital said the rollout would end by July 2022.

As electric vehicles become more common in Australia, EV networks will install two fast-charging stations in each shopping center, with more installation options.

The company says its chargers are powered by 100 percent renewable energy and can add a range of 150 kilometers per 30 minutes, with a charge of 40 cents per kilowatt hour.

This indicates that AMP Capital will install a 50kW DC charger.

“Buyers have different needs, so whether they just grab something or collect it by clicking and want to disclose their car charges, this is a great option,” said Marco Atore, head of retail and investment at AMP Capital.

“Of course, long-term charging also plays an important role in the customer experience for visitors who have a few hours to shop and charge.

“AMP Capital is partnering with industry experts in the EV space to prove the future of our assets, as well as ensuring that our customers have the best experience to meet the community’s expectations for charging solutions.”

“Partnering with a large asset management team like AMP Capital is fully aligned with our own company’s mission to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Australia,” said Chris Mills, CEO of EV Network.

“Being able to take advantage of AMP Capital’s strong relationships with their communities across Australia and New Zealand enables us to maximize network reach and create real destination charging spaces for both our customers and us.”

Evie Networks is supported by a 100 million commitment from the St. Baker Energy Innovation Fund and a .8 23.85 million grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

The previous Morrison Liberal government announced last year that it would partially fund a rollout of 403 privately operated EV fast charging stations, with $ 24.55 million coming from future fuel funds.

Successful grant applications include Evie, Ampol, Engie, Chargefox, and Electric Highways Tasmania.

Evie Networks is working with another Australian company – Tritium, which makes DC chargers – to launch 158 charging stations across eight states and territories in Australia. Each site will have a minimum of two chargers.

The company said the expanded network would ensure that no one in Metropolitan Australia would be more than 5 kilometers away from a fast charger.

Outside of the shopping center, EV Networks has partnered with Hungry Jack to install a charging station in the Cabramata franchise of Sydney’s fast-food chain.

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