Enos has planned an electric off-roader smaller than the Grenadier

Ineos hasn’t even started delivering its first model, the Grenadier off-road, but the company is already dropping out details of what will happen next.

In addition to the Grenadier pickup truck that was first announced when the Grenadier SUV debuted in 2020, Ineos has since confirmed that it is also working on an electric off-roader.

This information has been known in a statement Automotive News (Subscription required) Published Wednesday.

Inos Grenadier pre-production

Inos Grenadier pre-production

The electric off-roader will be a smaller model underneath the grenadier and will retain its older brother’s “workhorse DNA”, Enos said in a statement. It will have its own platform, although Grenadier is thought to have a lot in common with the Bespoke platform and will be built at the former Smart Plant in Hambache, France, where Grenadier customer examples began to line up in July.

A release date was not specified.

It is possible that there will be a two-door version of the electric off-road grenadier. In an interview with Automotive News in February, Dark Hellman, CEO of Inios Automotive Hands, said that packaging Grenadier’s internal-combustion drivetrain does not allow a two-door body style but going the EV route would be a solution.

2022 Inos Grenadier

2022 Inos Grenadier

Don’t be surprised if some EV technology comes from Mercedes-Benz. Ineos is a close partner of the German automaker and owns one-third of the Mercedes-Benz AMG Formula 1 team.

Before we see any EVs from Ineos, we can see the Grenadier pickup truck. It will have an extended wheelbase measuring 127 inches from the SUV’s 115-inch wheelbase and will have four doors. The timing of the pickup truck has not yet been announced.

At the moment only SUVs have been confirmed for sale in the US it is expected here in 2023.

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