Digital Dash and Super Cruise are coming to the compact crossover

A prototype for the updated version of Cadillac’s XT4 has been spotted for the first time.

The compact crossover first came out as the 2019 model and we should introduce this updated version for the 2024 model year, which means it is likely to debut sometime in 2023.

The XT4 has been waiting a long time for an update and fortunately Cadillac seems to have some big changes planned.

The temporary headlights of this prototype suggest that a new design has been planned, possibly in conjunction with the new design for the grille and front fascia. Changes in the appearance of the back may be more subtle at this time.

2024 Cadillac XT4 Facelift Spy Shot - Photo Credit: S. Baldauf / SB-Medien

2024 Cadillac XT4 Facelift Spy Shot – Photo Credit: S. Baldauf / SB-Medien

The front fascia also shows evidence of the addition of additional sensors that indicate the Cadillac has updated its Super Cruise self-driving system (including monitoring) for the highways available on the XT4. By the time the updated XT4 is out, the parent company General Motors is expected to have a more advanced Ultra Cruise system ready, although it is not clear if this system will be offered on the XT4. The Ultra Cruise is claimed to be able to handle 95% of the country’s roads, which means many trips do not require actual driving by a human, although will always require observation.

The technology of the updated XT4 will not end there. An internal shot reveals a wide curved screen replacing the individual instrument clusters and infotainment hubs in the current model. The design already features Cadillac’s Escalade and Lyric.

It’s not clear what Cadillac plans for the powertrain division, but with the brand in the process of transforming into a full-electric lineup, don’t expect it to invest in new internal-combustion options. This means the current 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 will probably carry unchanged. The engine is rated at 237 hp, the drive is powered by a 9-speed automatic front wheel or four.

The XT4 is currently priced at just under $ 40,000 and we don’t expect this to change significantly for the updated model.

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