Details of Sony and Honda’s new EV joint venture

Sony And Honda Officially teaming up to sell “high value-added electric vehicles” and “service for mobility”.

Sony Honda Mobility Inc. The first joint venture vehicles will be launched in 2025, with mobility services (possibly ride-hauling or car-sharing) being launched at the same time.

The company will be headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and will be supported by an equally split capital of দুটি 10 ​​billion between the two companies.

Sony first signposted its autonomous intention with the Vision-S concept in 2020 and followed it with the Vision-S 02 SUV in early 2022. Although its goals for the project were unclear from the beginning

Honda looks set to take over the production and service segment of the joint venture, while Sony will lead the “development and application of imaging, sensing, telecommunications, network and entertainment technologies.”

Reading in line, it looks like Sony plans to use its expertise (and network of media outlets) to develop infotainment systems in the upcoming electric car and mobility services. Before the Vision-S, it seemed that the technology needed for semi- or fully-autonomous driving would come from Sony.

Both Vision-S concepts feature a huge suite of technology to support Level 2 autonomous driving, including a combined 40 LiDAR, radar, camera and ultrasonic sensors.

When it is released, Sony is proud that the Vision-S can park itself, adapt cruise control, self-parking and automatic lane change. It further states that the car is capable of Level 4 autonomy with software updates.

Honda Motor Co. Its CEO Toshihiro Mibe said, “We are delighted to have signed a joint venture agreement with Sony, which has the power of advanced digital technology and shares our desire to meet new challenges.

“Since the announcement in March, many people have expressed their expectations for this joint venture. At the new company, we will try to create new values ​​through the fusion brought by our combination of different industries, so please wait for future development, “he said.

Led by CEO Mr. Mib from April 2021, Honda is committed to stopping the use of internal combustion engines in its vehicles by 2040. He added that the company is looking for new partnerships.

While Sony is not the only technology company to push for autonomous space, iPhone maker Foxconn has also announced plans to build electric cars.

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