Daniel Arsham’s Crystal Eroded 1968 Ford Mustang on display at Motor City

The local Detroit Art Gallery hosts one-of-a-kind classic Ford Mustangs.

Being two luxurious industries that seem to cross paths in multiple ways, there are autonomous and artistic creative similarities that help bring the artistic perspective to life. American artist and car enthusiast Daniel Arsham prides himself on displaying the artistic beauty of classic auto icons using only methods described as scientific. As part of his growing fleet of eroded vehicles, Daniel highlights the complex crystal erosion process with its 1968 Ford Mustang-like chassis.

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The matte black exterior and the black leather interior take the same corrosion treatment, presenting an aesthetically pleasing design to the vintage muscle car. Achieve a one-of-a-kind look using the final finish Mixture of pyrite crystal, volcanic ash, steel and quartz crystal. Daniel Arsham is proud to announce that the 1968 Crystal Erosed Ford Mustang will be on display at the Library Street Collective Art Gallery in Detroit, Michigan for everyone to enjoy. Library Street Collective holds a special memory for Daniel Arsham, as it was the first gallery to show the universal presence of the Crystal Erosion Mustang in the heart of Motor City. View all of the current Ford Mustang inventory for sale in the Dupont Registry by clicking the link below. Return to Dupont Registry for more upcoming Lifestyle and Supercar news.

Source: andanielarsham IG

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