Charles Leclerc wrecks Nicki Lauder Ferrari 312B3 F1 race car

During an exhibition at the 2022 Monaco Historic Grand Prix on Sunday, Ferrari Formula One driver Challeres Leclerc wrecked one of the three-time champion Nicki Lauder Ferrari F1 cars.

Leclerc was in his third lap on the 1973 Ferrari 312B3 when, due to a suspected brake failure, he lost the rear end and supported the vintage F1 car with a wall at the corner of the famous La Rascas.

The 2022 Bahrain and Australian Grand Prix winners resumed their journey with some rear-end losses, but the car stopped again soon after it started emitting smoke. Although it coincides with the end of the parade laps.

After Leclerc Said on Twitter That he missed the break to come to La Rascas. This is the second major insult to the Monegasque driver on his home track. Leclerc sets the pole position for the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix before crashing and missing races due to vehicle damage.

Former Ferrari F1 driver and six-time Le Mans winner Jack Icox were driving with Leclerc during demonstration laps. It is noteworthy that Ferrari left the F1 team in the middle of the 1973 season due to his dissatisfaction with the Ickx 312B3.

Ferrari, however, continues to improve the car. With Lauda and Clay Regazoni driving, the 312B3-74 version, introduced for the 1974 season, finished second behind McLaren at the F1 Constructors Championship. The following season, Lauda won the first of its three-driver championships at 312B3-74.

Leclerc recently drove a former Gille Villeneuve Ferrari 312T on the Fiorano test track to mark the 40th anniversary of the death of a Canadian driver. He is also currently leading the F1 driver standings, with a 19-point lead from Max Verstappen. So not everything is bad for Leclerc.

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