CATL is providing BMW with cheap batteries from 2025 – Report 7

Chinese battery giant CATL It is learned that the supply is getting ready to start BMW With cylindrical battery cells for its upcoming New Class range electric vehicles (EVs) from 2025.

According to a report from Automotive News EuropeCATL has signed an agreement with BMW to be the supplier of cylindrical cells for the German automaker.

CATL did not provide further details and declined to comment on the BMW publication.

BMW plans to use these round battery cells instead of the usual prismatic ones because it wants to reduce costs.

Let people you know in the past know about it Bloomberg In tubular battery cells this change will provide a 30 percent reduction in cost.

Battery cells are said to make up four-fifths of the cost of a battery pack, and improvements in technology and efficiency typically reduce annual costs.

This circular CATL battery cell will rotate with Tesla 4680 cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells, to be manufactured by Panasonic and will measure 46 mm in diameter and 80 mm in length.

Panasonic recently announced that it plans to accelerate the development of new 4680 battery cells and will start production in early 2024 to build two production lines at the Wakayama plant in western Japan.

While the deal between CATL and BMW may seem new, Chinese giant German automaker Will has been supplying batteries for decades. BMW also buys batteries from EVE Energy, Samsung SDI and Northvolt.

BMW’s new series EVs based on Neue Klasse architecture will debut in 2025 in a 3 Series size car.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It can wear the i3 badge, which is currently used in a 3 Series EV for China and was previously used in the weird hatch.

The new 3 Series sized EVT will be manufactured at a new factory in Debrecen, Hungary.

“When it comes to the market, it will be centered on the 3 Series segment and at that time the market will evolve into a shape where it is reasonable to have only one drivetrain in that architecture,” said BMW CEO Oliver Gypsy. Automotive News And other outlets during an earnings call.

According to Zipse, the Neue Klasse will feature a “quantum leap in technology,” including a next-generation electric drivetrain “with more output, new cell chemistry and a new cell format.”

Unlike some other automakers, BMW has not yet announced when it will stop developing and producing internal combustion engine vehicles.

The automaker’s latest plan calls for it to build a total of two million all-electric vehicles by 2025. By 2030, the company expects EV to be half of its annual global sales.

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