CarExpert Real Price Report: Actual transaction price

Imagine if you knew how much others actually paid for their brand new car? Not the advertised price or some Facebook group or forum that you have to pay, however Actual transaction value From a number of data sources, including the Department of Transportation, which deals with stamp duty forms. Original, genuine, authentic new car transaction price.

How confident would you be if you knew you were getting a fair price for your new car that was similar (or better) to what others in your state have recently offered?

From all of us Care Expert We’re glad to tell you that this level of real value transparency and openness is coming your way and you’ll find it here Care Expert.

Welcome CarExpert real price report.

If you’re wondering what CarExpert’s team is doing outside of creating the best new car content in the last few months and growing our audience to over 2 million Australian visitors each month, you’re joining us early in the morning to make a significant change in our product offerings, bringing new features to life. Which has never been done before.

Over the past year we have been working hard to bring new car buyers to market without a doubt an industry-first product.

How does it work?

Finding the right car that never seems to end and offering different prices and discounts with dealers can make you wonder if you are getting a fair price. CarExpert’s Real Price Report makes it easier to purchase your next new car, giving you confidence about the price you will pay.

Using our system you unlock the actual average price paid for specific make, model and variant that you want to buy in your state. Actual average price is based on recently available transaction data (usually) Previous month) Across Australia.

Once you purchase the original price report you will add confidence to finalize the price you will pay.

This information is available to manufacturers and the automotive industry at great cost (to what their competitors are actually selling their cars for, compared to the advertising price) but has not been so easily accessible to the general public.

Why not the average price and the lowest price?

Given the amount of data available around the price of a new-car (around 80-100,000 new cars are sold every month in Australia), a fair bit of data science is applied to ensure that the price we present to you is one of the most fair. Reflection. People pay for their new cars.

We have removed the fleet, rent and government prices and focused entirely on the individual buyer. Our data removes outsiders from the pricing algorithm and focuses on the average.

That is why we do not provide the lowest price but a scientifically-calculated average is lower for a number of reasons, among which a strange-specific car may sell better than the average or the trade-in price of a used car has been reduced. And is then offset by discounts on new cars (to avoid large amounts of stamp duty).

You can be sure if the price your local dealer is charging you is within the range of the average price you see. Of CarExpert Real Price Report, you get a fair deal – and that’s what our report is about. It’s not about leveraging against dealers, it’s about bringing transparency to the market and bringing consumer confidence.

Given the current market conditions, a large number of cars are actually being sold above their advertised prices and you will find that this is also reflected in real-world pricing data, which gives you confidence that it is normal and others are paying the same.

How much does the report cost?

The price of the report will be $ 33 When it is live across the site. We are looking for you for the next seven days, our regular Care Expert Readers and friends let us know what you think and respond – and offer a discount code that will reduce it by 85% to $ 4.95 while in beta.

Discount Code: CEFRIENDS85

We begin our public beta testing of the CarExpert Real Prices report today

The CarExpert Real Price report in the coming weeks will contain data on each model and variant sold in Australia, but while the product is in beta and we are testing our technology and payment platform, we have deliberately limited price data to the top 15. Selling cars in the country.

So go ahead, give it a try and let us know what you think

CarExpert Real Price Report (Beta):

* Source: Similar Web 2.375 million Australian visitors in April 2022.

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