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With Father’s Day approaching this weekend, families are scrambling to find the perfect gift for dad, but with an endless supply of options, this makes it almost impossible to choose. This week’s special focuses on the best luxury gift ideas for all interested fathers, from watch enthusiasts to car collectors. We’ve compiled a Father’s Day Luxury Gift Guide to include the highest quality products for the perfect day to celebrate Father’s Day. Shop for all the luxury products and accessories featured in this specialty by clicking the link below.

Amalgam Ferrari Enzo 1:18 scale

DSCF2393 Resized 4000x2677 Crop Center

This fine 1:18 scale model of Ferrari Enzo has been handmade and finished in Amalgam workshop with the help and support of Ferrari regarding original finish, materials, archive images and drawings. The use of the most accurate digital scanning of the original car has allowed us to completely recreate every detail on the scale. Furthermore, it underwent detailed testing by both engineering and design teams to ensure complete accuracy of presentation.

Price: $ 898

Aston Martin, 21, of Bomo – Masters selection

Bomor X Aston Martin
Matter of malt

A cracking collaboration between Bomore Distillery and Aston Martin – the first release of the Masters Selection series! The 21-year-old single malt was created by the teamwork of Bomo’s master whiskey maker Ron Welsh and Aston Martin’s chief creative officer Marek Reichmann. Inspired by the Golden Ratio, which is often considered when the Aston Martin team designs their cars, this single malt is made with a carefully crafted recipe, all of whose ingredients add character to the final taste profile.

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Medford Knife Pretorian T – S35VN Tanto Blade, Rolling Galaxy Finish

TMG knife
Medford Guy

The Medford Knife and Tool Pretorian tea imitates the power of Rome’s elite Pretorian guards. This incredible design is surpassed only by the strength of its all-American materials. Made with a 190 blade thickness, a .125 ″ thick solid titanium frame, and a .250 ″ pivot and hardware, the Medford Pretorian Tea Folding Knife is in a class of its own. The form fills the function and incomparable reliability with this strategic folder. The Medford Pretorian tea has been carefully crafted to last a lifetime in the United States.

Price: $ 900

SoundART – Vintage Truck Line


SoundART is the only high quality speaker product that combines state-of-the-art sound technology with custom artwork or personal photos that allow you to fill the space you can imagine with your own music on a high quality canvas. The speaker is powered by SoundART’s unique speaker system, which focuses on a wide range of music, allowing sound to fill a room. SoundART is offered through our starter line and then allows you to upgrade to our signature line.

Price: 898.99

Ernst Benz Chronoscope Camaro Fifty

Ernest Benz
Ernest Benz

The fiftieth anniversary limited edition Camaro series honors the distinctive look and performance that sets this evolutionary Camaro apart. The fiftieth anniversary version of the sixth-generation Camaro automobile is offered exclusively in Nightfall Gray metallic paint and has a detailed orange stripe package with special badges that are unique to this model.

Price: 5,400

Verizon Private Aviation Charter

3 750x536 1

Verizon’s definition of “sustainability” is straightforward, and we’re doing whatever it takes today and for the future. Verizon is committed to protecting the environment and preserving the earth for future generations, and promotes private ventilation to the public that is more enjoyable, less polluting, quieter, more efficient and affordable for all air travelers.

Price on request

Autostacker A6S


Autostacker is a state-of-the-art parking elevator that hits home and commercial markets. With power to handle loads up to 6,000 pounds. And the minimum footprint required for a home garage lift, Autostacker is the perfect garage parking lift for any home or shop owner.

Price: 9,785

Porsche Design 50Y Reversible Jacket

PD jacket
Porsche design

The retro jacket, designed in a very lightweight Porsche, is not only extremely flexible in terms of its style, thanks to its two different color aspects, it is also versatile. Breathable, airtight, waterproof, resilient, durable, temperature-controlled: High-tech exterior fabric designed exclusively for the Porsche design – a three-layer, ultra-lightweight, and stable laminate – makes the jacket visually versatile. Worn with matte black side on the outside, the material is warm. But on the outside, with the titanium-colored, sun-reflecting side, it’s getting cooler

Price: $ 1,050

Horse Soldier Bourbon Testing Set

Horse soldiers
Horse soldiers

The Horse Soldier’s testing set offers a generous selection of bourbon in a range of flavors, making it the perfect addition to any Father’s Day celebration. Bundles include (1) Straight Bourbon Whiskey, (1) Signature Barrel Strength and (1) Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey.

Price: $ 189

PXG GEN5 0311 XP Iron


Chronophyter superlight carbon weighs less than 100 grams. Its 47mm case is made of carbon composite, where extensive use of 3K carbon further contributes to the model.s feather mass. Featuring a carbon case, trigger, bezel, dial and bark, it was the first watch. Even the strap contains carbon, which helps it retain its factory-fresh shape. Finally, the chronograph trigger provides an ergonomic interface between the watch and its wearer.

Starting price: $ 349

Kohiba Red Dot Robust – 25 Pack

Red 2
Kohiba cigars

Cohiba Red Dot Robusto Cigars is synonymous with luxury-class flavors and complex flavors, providing a truly unforgettable medium body smoking experience. These modern day classics set the standard of excellence by which all other Dominican cigars are judged. Cigars are made in the Dominican Republic using a toothed, sweet, Cameroonian wrapper that wraps around an Indonesian binder and three types of Cuban-seed Dominican long filler tobacco. Rich, complex flavors of leather, coffee, cinnamon, and caramel, around a center of sweet spice, provide a smoke that should not be missed by any true cigar expert. This stunning 5×49 Cohiba Robusto is sold in elegant wooden boxes with a vibrant red interior lining.

Price: $ 363.80

Beyond By Four Seasons, An Exclusive Driving Journey Through Tuscany

Four Seasons Canossa M1 LEAD 750x536 1
Four seasons

Take a fascinating look behind the scenes as you explore the treasures of the Tuscan countryside from behind the wheel of your favorite luxury car. Rejuvenate your senses with famous landscapes, indulge in fine wines and once-in-a-lifetime menus, and awaken your imagination in the secret rooms of fascinating historical sites. Experience it under the care of four season legends.

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Traeger Pro 780 bronze


The Traeger Pro 780 takes grilling to the next level by incorporating state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best cooking experience. With built-in WiFIRE technology, the compatible app lets you monitor and control your trigger from anywhere to maintain a precise temperature for perfect results every time. Trigger offers a variety of pellets, seasonings, tools, accessories and recipes to get you on track this summer.

Price: $ 899

Tire sticker custom top / bottom design

Tire sticker
Tire sticker

The tire sticker gives customers the ability to design custom tire letter kits and logos in short-term durability or permanent, raised-rubber letters that will truly make a statement. The wide range of products can be used for personal, commercial, high-powered automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and off-road vehicles. Tire sticker3 Has built strong relationships with almost every major tire manufacturer, including Dunlop, Falken, Toyo, Continental, GoodYear, Michelin and many more.

Price: $ 49.99- 174.99

Santo Gallery
Santo Gallery

The Mercedes-Benz Century sports car was built in 1954: the 300 SL Glowing. Only 1,400 have been made so far, making it almost impossible to see one on the street today. This exclusive collection features three rare 300 SL classics on the perfect Sunday drive.

Starting price: $ 195

Lego Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3

Lego sp3

The LEGO® Technic আসে Ultimate Car Concept Series comes with an impressive build for adult Ferrari fans. Enter the realm of complete reflection as you recreate the features of the Ferrari Daytona SP3 model in classic red with chrome-painted rims. Then put it on display to appreciate the iconic back and curved lines that make this 1: 8 scale model special.

Price: $ 399.99

Master & Dynamic MW65 Automobili Lamborghini Active Noise-Canceling
Wireless headphones

Lamborghini x md
Master and Dynamic

In the past, a person’s fondness for whiskey was admired in the home bars, but in modern times, whiskey is hidden out of sight in cabinets and desk drawers as a shameful privacy. Whiskey Appreciation Crate is here to bring back the honor of a once great bond between a man and his drink.

Price: $ 499

Knighthawk Custom Bull Commander

Nighthawk custom
Nighthawk custom

The bull is made as tough as the name implies. This pistol uses Nighthawk Custom’s unique bow tie plug so that the front of the slide can be a custom angle for a distinctive look. Not only does the bull’s nose cut look great, but it also allows for easy holstering. Both the frame and the mainspring housing employ a completely new texture for snag-free carry without losing grip. Tritium Straight Eight is a night vision and a French border on top of this simple but attractive slide design featuring the Nighthawk custom logo on the back of the Coking Serenade for a more traditional 1911 look.

Price: 3,999

Wide open baja 3-day adventure

Wide open baja
Wide open baja

For those who know, the home of the famous Baja 1000 is located in the coastal town of Ensenada, just 75 miles south of San Diego. The Wide Open Excursion is an epic journey from the sunny coastline of this seaside town. Guests can explore a wide range of open spaces in the North Market from this world-class racing destination. Primitive beaches, beautiful desert views, steep inland canyons, and quaint villages in the Pacific Ocean. It’s all for you, and everything starts and ends in a vibrant location with the legend of the most famous off-road race on the planet.

Price: $ 5,695 per person

Remove x Porsche Hand-Carry Case Pepita

Porsche Remova

The RIMOWA x Porsche hand-carry case Pepita combines the unique expertise of two historic German companies in a limited edition bespoke suitcase. Made from RIMOWA’s signature grooved aluminum and painted the first generation design signs of the Porsche 911, the case features a black leather strap attached by a polished crest-shaped holder that echoes the traditional hood strap. An authentic Porsche crest sits proudly in front of the case.

Price: 2,890

Persol 714SM – Steve McQueen

Parcel d

Introduced in the 1960s as a folding version of the 649, the 714 was the first folding spectacle model. The iconic pilot shape, keyhole bridge, timeless acetate and foldable system make it a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship, requiring ten additional production steps compared to the standard model. Steve McQueen 8: Celebrate an icon with all the details of the original model worn by the actor.

Price: $ 486

PUMA Speedcat Shield Leather Driving Shoes

puma speedcat

From our SpeedCat collection you will find SpeedCat Shield shoes. These classic shoes are designed with true motorsport DNA, which is the perfect addition to any motorsport fan’s outfit.

Price: 90

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