Buick will only be EV by 2030, unveiling new logo, two ideas

Buick GM’s first mainstream brand will be fully electric, the company announced overnight that the Tri-Shield mark will be EV only by 2030, but only in North America.

This is an important precaution because when Buick was established in the United States, the future of the brand was extremely Chinese. In 2021, Buick sold 180,000 cars in the state and 816,000 cars in China – or more than 4.5 times as many cars.

Thanks to its earlier launch in the Middle Kingdom, Buick Hall is GM’s most popular brand out there, selling 207,000 units to Chevrolet in 2021.

Buick began in 2024 on its way to becoming the only EV-mark in the US when sales of its first electric car began, widely expected to be a crossover.

For China, Buick now plans to launch five new EVs by 2025, including at least one sedan, one lock mover and one crossover.

All of Buick’s EVs will be based on GM’s Ultium platform, and will carry Electra Names with an alphanumeric suffix to denote different models.

In the world’s most populous country, Buick will continue to supply hybrids, plug-in hybrids and petrol engines in the near future.

With today’s news, Buick has unveiled a new logo, and three cars – two concepts and a production-ready one – that provide clues about the brand’s new styling aspect.

The New logo Maintains the tri-shield design, which goes back to the family coat of arms of founder David Dunbar Buick. Now lined up in a straight line, the slopes have been freed from their previous rounded boundaries.

Buick will roll out new logos on its website and showrooms in the next 18 months, as well as an updated typeface.

The Cats The concept unveiled in the US is a 2 + 2 coupe with 18-spoke turbine wheels, a sharp hunch, a hockey-stick tail-light and a squat stance with a wrapped windscreen design.

The company’s waterfall grill, and various opal-inspired elements are gone. They will be replaced by something like a wildcat’s beak, a fascia and a wide lower grill.

Wildcat doors are swaying, but some parts of the roof are also rising to make it easier to get in and out.

The Electra-X The idea, published in China, probably gives a better indication of Buick’s first ultium-based EV.

Inside the Electra-X is a 30-inch freestanding curved display on the dashboard. Both concepts have a minimalist interior that blends beautifully modern features with callbacks during the brand’s glorious years.

Buick did not provide details about the performance or range for both concepts.

If that’s not enough, Buick also shuts down the raps GL8 CenturyA new top-end people mover for China.

The 5.2m MPV will be the first production vehicle to use material from Buick’s newly designed template.

Like the Lexus LM and the current Buick GL8, the GL8 Century is available as a four-seater with business class seats on the back, and a partition to separate the front and back.

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