Bugatti has released the Chiranpur Sport ‘Grand Prix’ in honor of Louis Chiran

The commemorative spec made its debut on the iconic race circuit in Monaco.

A hypercar brand that produces a limited amount of chassis for the exclusive community of owners, Bugatti is able to incorporate the perspective and historical inspiration behind its model configuration. One of Bugatti’s most recent creations carries a commemorative lever that pays homage to the man whose name is forever engraved in its DNA, the legendary Monegasque racing driver Louis Chiron. Bugatti is proud to present Chiranpur Sport ‘Grand Prix’ in honor of Commission Lewis of Bugatti’s Sur Mesu program.

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The scene is set on the Route de la Piccin as part of the Monaco Grand Prix track, a circuit where Louis Chiron established a name for himself. The narrow streets of the city still hold that memory when he won the 1931 Monaco Grand Prix by driving his Bugatti Type 51. The exterior of the Bugatti Chiranpur Sport ‘Grand Prix’ has a light blue lever with bright red accents that show the iconic curvature of the Bugatti’s body design. The specs have a # 32 on each door panel that represents Louis Chiron’s racing number. On the inside, the driver-based layout matches the exterior of the multi-million dollar Hypercar with a minimal feel with premium black leather and red contrast stitching. Adding a historic touch to the construction, Bugatti has sewn the # 32 racing number on the headrest of each sport-style seat. In addition to unveiling the great configuration, Bugatti paid homage to the racing legend by visiting Louis Chiran’s sculpture in the waters of Monaco. See all examples of current Bugatti for sale in the Dupont Registry by clicking the link below. Return to Dupont Registry for more upcoming Luxury Living News and Bugatti releases.

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