Bugatti Chiron L’Ébé Unveils Special Edition Series Honoring Etter

Three stunning Bugatti Chiran models are made in the father’s love for his daughter.

Although the name Bugatti is derived from the ultimate pursuit of design, performance, and technology, the brand still operates with the same family values ​​when Eto’o Bugatti opened its doors in 1901. After decades of adapting to the ongoing changes in the automotive industry, Bugatti continues to celebrate its historic beginnings and the influential people who helped make it one of the most popular hypercar makers in the world. Bugatti is proud to unveil a special Chiran collection that pays tribute to L’Ébé Bugatti, the daughter and eldest son of Ettore. The exclusive Bugatti series that honors L’Ébé contains three European handmade examples, including one at Chiron and two at Chiron Sports Design Molsheim Factory.

06 Bugati Chiran L.

Because of Ettore’s pride and joy, Bugatti draws inspiration from L’Ébé’s love of the Chiron Art Deco style, and incorporates the features of the famous Bugatti Type 57 G tank that the Le Mans won in 1937. The exterior displays an exposed blue carbon fiber Finish with gold accents that sparkle in contrast to Chiran’s elegant body line. Gold highlights are also found on the “EB” badge, the famous Horseshoe grille and parts of the 8.0-liter W16 engine cover. L’Ébé’s signature is subtly hidden under a retractable rear spoiler that engages the Chiron when it takes its offensive track-mode position. The factory’s lightweight sport wheels also feature an elegant gold design, contrasting with the size of the Bugatti’s traction-grab source.


The minimalist interior design mirrors the exterior, contrasting a sort of configuration using ‘silk’ leather and ‘lake blue’ highlights. Welcoming its lucky new owner, Bugatti Chiron presents his trade plates and sport-style seats with L’Ébé’s signature in gold. Each door panel has a motif for the visual evolution of Bugatti’s most iconic cars, from the early Grand Prix racers to the EB110, Veyron and Chiron. L’Ébé’s innumerable basic touches perfectly showcase Bugatti’s boundless creativity and craftsmanship when it comes to exclusive tailor-made projects. The three exclusive Bugatti Chiran Labe marks the end of Chiron and Chiron Sport in Europe. The Bugatti Chiron L’Ébé and a Chiron L’Ébé Sport have already been delivered, and the third model will be delivered later this month. See all examples of current Bugatti for sale in the Dupont Registry by clicking the link below. Check back at the Dupont Registry for more upcoming Lifestyle and Hypercar news.

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