Bugatti Centodic’s Square Quilting Reference EB110 Super Sport

Bugatti’s rich history can be clearly seen in the new Centodici, inside and out.

With its signature vent and retro-inspired shape, almost any car enthusiast can tell you that the new Bugatti Santodisi is a classic supercar, a hangout of the Bugatti EB110. Just a few weeks before Centodieci’s delivery begins, we learn what makes Bugatti Centodic even more special: the fact that Bugatti and Molsheim have gone to great lengths to redefine the bold style of Atelier’s EB 110 Super Sport and give it a modern setting, and it The same applies to the interior as it does to the exterior.

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The first thing you will notice about the interior of Centodici is the unique quilting pattern in the leather upholstery. The seats are quilted in small, neat squares, and this pattern complements the interior of the 1990s EB 110 Super Sport. Although customers can choose to embroider or emboss the headrest of the seat separately, the Centodici comes with a seat that has an embossed EB logo that refers to the EB 110 Super Sport. Although only 10 centodicosis will be performed, the effort taken to ensure that square quilting lines ascend perfectly above even the surface curves and slopes means that the interior of each centodic takes 16 weeks to complete. Like the EB 110 Super Sport before and like every Bugatti since then, the Centodici is a powerful, fast car with a luxurious and breathtaking design no matter where you look, and it represents Bugatti’s promise to be the perfect pinnacle throughout the brand’s history. Autonomous world.

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