BMW M LMDh Hybrid V8, Gordon Murray electric SUV, Shelby Cammer Cobra: Car News

BMW M gave us the first look at its LMDh race car which will compete at the top level in the IMSA SportsCar Championship starting from 2023. It is powered by a new V-8 hybrid powertrain that we hope will see the transformation of the world Production car.

Gordon Murray recently unveiled a pair of V-12 supercars but soon the McLaren F1 designer will begin work on a pair of electric SUVs. One is supposed to be for his own Gordon Murray automotive car company and the other for a client.

Shelby American Carl Shelby finally built the car in 1964 hoping to race 24 hours in Le Mans. It is a Daytona Cobra coupe powered by a V-8 that displaces 427 cubic inches and features a single overhead cam.

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