Black and white SVJ Wardobe

The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ has long been regarded as the leading performance production car by the Italian supercar manufacturer. Since it showcases top-of-the-line luxury through its 759-horsepower 6.2L naturally-aspiring 12-cylinder sophisticated design and mind-blowing performance, your wardrobe should be when opening scissors-style doors. This week’s gearbox focuses on an essential black and white style to compliment the highly coveted Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. Click on the links below to view all Lamborghini Aventador SVJ models for sale, as well as to purchase luxury clothing and accessories featuring this specialty.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Lamborghini SVJ
Lamborghini car

The new Aventador SVJ, where SV historically means Superveloce means ‘superfast’, takes the suffix ‘Jota’, indicating the superiority of its track and performance: Aventador SVJ has already claimed its position as the record holder of the Nürburgring-Nordschleife production car, only 6: 44.9. 12.8-mile laps per minute. Production is limited to 900 units.

Price: MSRP 517,770

Graham chronophyter superlight carbon skeleton

Graham Cronfighter White
Graham 1695

Chronophyter superlight carbon skeleton weighs less than 100 grams. The open-function dial reveals a variety of dynamic components and provides an ergonomic interface between the chronograph trigger watch and its wearer. Its 47mm case is made of carbon composite, while the widespread use of 3K carbon further contributes to the model’s feather lighting. It was the first watch to feature a carbon case, trigger, bezel, dial and bark. Even the strap contains carbon, which helps it retain its factory-fresh shape.

Price: 12,950

Automobile Lamborghini Piping Logo Cap

Lamborghini Hat
Lamborghini Store

The automobile Lamborghini cap has an iconic rubber shield on the front and is adorned with branded piping that runs to the front of the visa. For an essential and iconic look.

Price: $ 50.15

Parsol 649 – Original

Parcel white sunglasses

An exclusive reinterpretation of the 649 together with the APC gave birth to three colors. Originally designed for tram-drivers in 1957, the 649 became a legend when Marcelo Mastroyanni wore it in a 1961 divorce, Italian style. Today, it is featured as part of the APC Spring Summer 2020 collection.

Price: $ 259

Alexander McQueen logo tape cotton t-shirt

Alexander McQueen T.

This all-cotton Alexander McQueen t-shirt is branded in bold signature style with logo tape that extends from the middle of the chest to almost the side seam.

Price: 320

Givenchy black signature shorts

Givenchy shorts

The black French terry is short. Middle Emergence. Two-pocket styling. Drawstring hidden in elasticized waistband. Logo printed and embroidered on the legs in white and red.

Price: $ 394

Off-white mid-length arrow socks

White socks off

It’s time to dump her and move on. Because you will want to show off these arrow-motif off-white socks at every opportunity. Make every detail of your appearance count.

Price: $ 85

Off-white canvas white and green 5.0 sneakers

Light gray

Off-white canvas low sneakers offer the perfect blend of high-fashion and functional athletic wear. With a white, black and green colorway, these sneakers are the perfect addition to any stylish fit.

Price: 30 430

Master Dynamic MW07 Plus Automobili Lamborghini

MD Lamborghini Earbuds
Master Dynamic

Master & Dynamic Automobile has partnered with Lamborghini on a collection of high-performance sound tools inspired by the design and materials of the iconic Italian super sports car.

Price: 9 249

DB Journey ‘The Backpack’

DB bag is black
DB Journey

If you ask us you’ll find the best of both worlds, and dB Journey Test Patrol has already called it the ultimate daily backpack. It has everything you need, both in style and in practicality, whether you’re adventurous in the wild, on city sidewalks, or on campus / at work.

Price: $ 209

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