Bentley’s Bespoke Mullina division has grown 200% since 2020

On average, three Bentley are now produced per day, including Bespoke requests.

At the all-time high of the luxury automotive market, it is more common to see high-dollar outdoor vehicles in the wild. As a push for exclusivity, collectors and owners are turning to manufacturers for special requests to add custom enhancements that ensure their example will be different from any other. Bentley Mulliner’s creative team specializes in offering one-of-a-kind custom configuration processes for its clients, allowing complete creative control to bring the dream of a dream car to life. Bentley is proud to announce that its demand for Mullin’s bespoke privatization has tripled since 2020., Which means that the three Bentley models produced each day contain individually-commissioned bespoke features. As part of the celebration of success, Bentley is proud to include new personalization options for customers seeking to enhance the experience through its Mullina division.

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Takes shape as the first addition 18K Gold Plated Organ Strap Which sits nicely against the fascia in front of the dash, Tribute to the original Bentley Boys and their early days at the iconic Le Man Circuit. The second new addition is an extended selection of open-hole veneer. Inspired by the natural effects of Stone Veneers, the latest offer now includes liquid amber, vavona and tamo ash in more durable open-pierced finishes. Each layer of open veneer is applied by hand and sticks to the natural surface of the wood, creating a waxy finish that highlights the natural color and texture of the wood. Bentley expands Mullina’s services to its clients through its latest Mullina Personal Commissioning Guide, offering a unique array of traditional and contemporary options. With one of the most extensive color palettes in the world and with almost unlimited interior options, unique configurations can run into billions of variations. There are currently 17 billion ways that a customer can configure a Bentley Continental GT. See all of the current Bentley models for sale at the Dupont Registry by clicking the link below. Return to Dupont Registry for more upcoming Luxury Living News and Supercar releases.

Source: Bentley

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