Audi Benefits: Used car servicing and warranty pack debut

Audi Wants to “envy the Australian premium market” with service and warranty packs for eight-year-old cars.

New Audi Advantage The program allows owners to extend their cap-price servicing, warranty, and roadside assistance beyond the current five-year offer. Transferable between package owners.

The packages allow new Audi buyers to extend their warranty from five to nine years at the time of purchase.

Packages can be applied to any current Audi (excluding e-Tron model) under the age of eight, which has traveled less than 120,000 kilometers and has a full service history.

Vehicles must pass an 115-point inspection at an Audi service center before being approved.

In other words, if you want to buy a 2014 RS4 that passes the 120,000km Audi inspection on the watch, the package will offer a warranty and cover servicing costs for two years from the time of purchase or until the car reaches 150,000km. .

Fellow Volkswagen Group member Skoda made an offer Similar options for used car buyers.

“We want to provide not only a program that gives our owners full confidence in their car for an extended period of time, but also one that protects the value of their investment, if they decide to trade-up with a new model in the future,” he said. Audi Australia’s outgoing director, Paul Sansom.

The cost of the two-year package for the Audi range is listed at the end of this story.

In addition to the new service and warranty packs, Audi says all of its approved Plus used cars now have a minimum of two years of servicing, warranty and roadside assistance.

This can be extended with the purchase of back-to-back Advantage packages, which can extend that coverage up to 10 years.

“We believe Audi is approved: the Plus program is the most widely certified pre-owned offer on the Australian market,” said Mr Sunsom.

“At a time when the price of pre-owned vehicles is just as high across the market, we believe that the Audi Approved: Plus program puts our owners in the best possible position to maintain the value of their investment.”

Audi Advantage Price (two year package)

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