Aston Martin Valkiri has taken a rainy path in Mugello

Aston Martin Valkiri is not afraid of rainy days.

The Mugello Circuit experienced some rain during testing for the Aston Martin Valkyrie, but in this situation, Aston Martin’s incredible new hypercar used the wet track as an opportunity to show his confidence and politeness. With a mid-engine setup and hybrid powertrain, an electric motor and a 6.5-liter V12 engine from Cosworth, this is a stunning race-ready Aston Martin we’ve never seen before.

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In this video, we see (and hear) the Cosworth V12 rising to an incredible 11,000 RPM with a few laps around the Valkyrie Mugello track. With 1000 horsepower on tap, it takes efficient and careful driving to keep a well-engineered hypercar like a well-engineered hypercar that behaves on a wet track, but it proves that it is capable of handling even complex low-traction surfaces. Fortunately, the track dried up quickly after the rain, and the audience was able to get a taste of what Valkiri was really able to do, and it was a bit.

Source: YouTube / 19Bozzy92

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