Amalgam Collection has announced a partnership with Indicar, releasing new Dalara models

The prestigious manufacturer of large-sized car models has added another incredible partnership to their collection.

UK-based car model maker Amalgam Collection has announced a new partnership with IndyCar and their first model is already here. The first model to benefit from the partnership is the 1: 8 scale replica Dallara IR-18 Arrow Kit of the Dallara IR-12 chassis. This new model, like all creations in the Amalgam collection, looks extremely detailed and honest that you could drive it if you were small enough to sit in the cockpit.

“We have a long-standing desire to work with the most important and historically significant motor racing series in North America, and we are proud to have the opportunity to partner with INDYCAR to fully realize that ambition,” said Sandy Kopman, founder and brand director of Amalgam Collection. “We look forward to working with NTT INDYCAR Series teams and sponsors to create a perfect 1: 8 scale replica of their car for VIP gifts and displays. The detail included in these models reflects the sheer number of hours spent creating each piece, and we’re sure a significant number of collectors and fans will want to add a perfect scale INDYCAR model to their collection. “

This new model will be available to everyone at the NTT INDYCAR SERIES Lever while Amalgam will create a Made-to-Order model at Team Lever for the Collection Team and Team Sponsors. For more information, be sure to visit

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