Add style and functionality to the Porsche Performance Roof Box

Porsche car presented by North America.

The innovative Porsche performance roof box was made at the Porsche Development Center in Weissak, specifically for Porsche cars. During this process, it was the subject of extensive testing in high-tech wind tunnels. For Macan models, the Porsche Performance Roof Box is tested for speeds of up to 124 miles per hour (200 km / h).

With a high gloss black design on the back and a silver “Porsche” logo, the aerodynamic box fits perfectly with the exclusive style of your Porsche. The Porsche Performance Roof Box can be easily matched to your car. Thanks to the simple power click system, the roof box can be installed quickly and easily. The roof box opens from both sides and the straps make it extremely convenient to load.


  • Black Roof Box (High Gloss)
  • “Porsche” logo on the back in silver
  • Black Replaceable Side Blades (High Gloss)
  • Dimensions: 83 x 35.75 x 17 inches (211.4 × 90.8 × 43.4 cm)
  • Maximum payload: 165 lbs (75 kg)
  • Size: 17 cubic feet (480 liters)
  • Can be opened on both sides
  • Including 3 tying straps
  • Covered protective cover with “Porsche” logo

Replaceable side blades available:

  • Carrara painted white metal
  • Volcanoes painted gray metallic
  • Painted dolomite silver metal
  • Exterior can be painted in color

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Please note: Only in conjunction with the basic roof transport system. Porsche performance roof boxes affect the aerodynamics of your Tekken and the achievable range may be less. The effect of the performance roof box on the Porsche in the range is not considered by the route planner.

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