A new Corvette Z06 NFT will be auctioned off with a real-life 2023 Z06

Exclusively in SuperRare, the C8 Corvette Z06 enters Web3 space in a unique way.

Through this upcoming NFT auction, the Chevrolet offers bidders the opportunity to own not only the Corvette Z06, a piece of NFT artwork, and not just the Corvette Z06, but the color in which the car is painted. The first auction is taking place on June 20-24 SuperRare with bids available for placement on Ethereum, for a portion of the NFT artwork inspired by the artist Xsullo, as well as a Corvette Z06, with the Z07 performance package, a commemorative plaque, carbon-fiber wheels, and permanent Alternative code via RFN, as well as the exclusive color of minted green.

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What makes this Minted Green unique is that it features NFT and cars, and the winning bidder will be the “owner of the color”, as the auction itself is aptly named because Chevrolet has promised that it will not paint another product 2023 in the Minted Green Corvette Z06. The auction will benefit DonorsChoose, an organization that makes it easy to help teachers in need of an education system that empowers all American students. With the auction starting June 20, the artwork will be available for viewing in the Crypt Gallery during NFT NYC, bridging the gap between virtual art and the real world.

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Photo source: Chevrolet

Source: Chevrolet

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