A mixture of Monaco and Manzar

Eight rounds of the 2022 Formula 1 World Championships this weekend, and the teams are in Baku, the home of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

The race takes place on the Baku City Circuit, a Harman Tilke-designed road circuit that features the main features of a 3.73-mile-long and 1.3-mile straight and a long hole lined the shores of the Caspian Sea, with some solid angles. In the historic part of the city.

Thus, the circuit can be described as a mixture of Monaco and Manzar, as part of the old city narrow labyrinthine street track is like principality, while the long straight and heavy braking zones are no different from what you would find. In the temple of motion in Manjar Royal Park.

Setting up the car for Baku is a difficult task due to the combination of long straights with tight angles and heavy braking zones. Teams prefer to dial in as much downforce as possible at much slower angles and at the same time can pull the minimum amount in long straight sections. It calls for a compromise on a setup similar to that in Belgium’s Spa-Frankchamp, where reducing the pull without losing too much downforce is a key consideration.

Baku City Circuit, home of Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Baku City Circuit, home of Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

The surface of the track is relatively smooth, and parts of it are renewed annually to completely cover the old town’s boulders. Due to the very low average steer angle, it can be difficult for tires to get up to temperature, resulting in very little tire power. Teams have to rely more on heat than braking to keep tires warm because angles do not generate as much energy as other circuits.

Pirelli nominated three of his soft compounds for the weekend: C3 as the white solid, C4 as the yellow medium, and C5 as the red soft. This was the same nomination as last year, although the compounds are new for the 2022 season.

We should have a dry weekend as the weather forecast calls for sunny but mild conditions during both Saturday’s qualifying session and Sunday’s race.

Over the weekend, Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstapen leads the 2022 Drivers’ Championship with 125 points. Ferrari’s Charles Lacklark is second with 116 points and Red Bull’s Sergio Perez is third with 110 points. In the Constructors Championship, Red Bull leads with 235 points, vs. Ferrari 199 and Mercedes-Benz AMG 134 points. Perez, last year’s winner in Azerbaijan, was driving for the Red Bull.

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