A crown jewel of the classic automotive era

Presented by Broad Arrow Group.

Broad Arrow Auctions is pleased to offer this unique and outstanding 1939 Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadstar at the upcoming Monterey Jet Center auction on August 18th. This wonderful example is one of the true crown jewels of the classic era of the motor vehicle, arguably more of a classic than the Mercedes-Benz 540K special roadster, the symbol of design, engineering and construction among automobiles is no automobile. Incredibly rare, stunningly beautiful, a cherished focal point for collectors around the world – Chassis 408383 is the perfect representation of those enviable qualities.

The original owner of Mercedes-Benz, Ralph Horn of Berlin was known for managing an exclusive and high-end interior design and accessory boutique and as such, he was recorded to be closely associated with the original design of this 540K special roadster. Although the main part of the design is clearly the subtle, horn specific to the sindelfinge, the sculptural low door with the desired modification is the coveted sculpted low door that disappears roll-up windows, a dramatically sloping and opening windshield, two fully covered extra tires, and perhaps most interestingly. The rectangular hood screen replacement louvers have long and impressive distinctive lines.

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Significantly, all Mercedes-Benz 540K models were highly desirable when they were new. The chassis 408383 was no exception and within the next three decades it found its way to Sweden from where it was purchased by the famous collector and businessman Tom Barrett and eventually passed on to the long-term ownership of Major General William Lyon and the Lyon family. Collection where it will remain until 2011. After the car was recovered and sold to a new owner, the 408383 RM underwent a complete refreshment by auto restoration which then set the car, now finished in a deeper and richer dark blue color, in a new way that includes Amelia Island Concours d’Elegans. Will take you to events across the country where it was awarded in class as well as Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegans where it won second prize in class. The 540K Special Roadstar received additional awards at Pinehurst Concours d’Elegance, Winter Park, Boca Raton, Hilton Head, as well as a Best of Show at Mar-a-Lago.

Ownership provides instant access to the best events around the world and allows you to be included in one of the most selected of the ownership circles. As impressive as this supercharged five-speed 540K car looks and the next owner will appreciate the caring care that the car has received under its current ownership.

For more information or to see the stunning photography of this incredible offer, please visit the Broad Arrow Auction website at broadarrowauctions.com.

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