A Bespoke One-Off 1965 Jaguar E-Type debuted at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

A very special Jaguar makes its debut for a special occasion.

The Jaguar E-Type is one of the most iconic cars in the world; It still impresses grand tours and sports cars today with its incredible looks and driving pleasure and the classic sports car spirit. To celebrate both the Jaguar History and the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the one-point e-type roadstar recovered by Jaguar Classic has made its debut on Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee pageant with 15 other iconic Jaguars that showcase the brand’s history, such as the EACEE 7 Jaguar Convertible which transports the famous Dams.

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E-Type customers were also in attendance at the celebration, and his need for a car was an e-type originally created in 1965, the year of his birth, and ended with a Bespoke recovery inspired by Union Jack. The Jaguar Classic tracks a Series 1 E-Type that was created just two days after its birth. The following year, the car was restored and painted with a unique metallic blue inspired by Union Jack, the interior of which was inspired by the iconic British column box shade of red. Subsequently, the original 4.2-liter Straight-Six engine was replaced by a 4.7-liter engine and paired with the Jaguar Classic’s five-speed gearbox. The upgraded suspension, wheels and tires, exhaust, lighting and infotainment all work to further modernize the car making it a beautiful vehicle that makes driving without compromise a pleasure. It’s a stunning bespoke e-type that shows just how timeless the car is.

Source: Jaguar

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