A 358,000-piece life-size Ferrari F40 debuts in Legoland, California

The Italian supercar icon takes on a LEGO look.

While interest in anything automotive grows at a young age, the goal of a brand like LEGO is to provide a creative building experience that incorporates automotive inspiration. Being one of the most successful sections in the huge collection of buildable sets, LEGO is proud to launch the Ferrari Build and Race experience in Legoland, California. In the new attraction, guests can virtually change their own engine, tires, power and aerodynamics. Once the fine-tuning is complete, the cars are digitally scanned, where they appear in a virtual race on Ferrari’s iconic Fiorano circuit in Maranello. In addition to all the interactive attractions, the highlight of the Ferrari build and race is a full-size LEGO Ferrari F40 located in the center of the three-event zone.

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The LEGO version presents itself in the same shape as the actual F40, which is 14 feet long, more than six feet wide, four feet long, and has a wheelbase of eight feet. With a total construction time of 1,900-hours and 358,000 LEGO pieces, it took engineers and manufacturers alone 1,800-hours to develop the LEGO Ferrari F40. The Ferrari F40 continues its legacy as an autonomous icon, originally built in 1987 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Italian supercar maker. The F40 is the last production vehicle in the hands of founder Enzo Ferrari, which features A 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that produces 471-horsepower on the rear wheels. Defining himself as a true driver’s car, the Ferrari F40 acquires his 4.1-sec 0-60mph time and 201-mph maximum speed With motorsport-inspired performance. One such LEGO Ferrari F40 is currently on display at the LEGOLAND California Ferrari Race and Build. Check out all of the current Ferrari F40 examples for sale at the Dupont Registry by clicking the link below. Return to Dupont Registry for more upcoming Luxury Living News and Supercar releases.

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