4 Features of Your Dream Car Space by Supercar Capsules

Presented by Supercar Capsules.

Being the owner of a proud supercar, how can you get the best out of it? You paddle down the horizon-stretching road, and you hold it right to increase the sense of pride that we all love to get. Your car is super, it’s yours, it’s you! This is the companion who takes care of your dream of competing with the fast wind and the adventure does not stop at the end of the drive. If you want your home park to be a showroom, it should have enough space and all the features you need for the following desires. But, how much is enough?

Your supercar should have the features of a place capable of highlighting its value.

1. Adequate space is essential


Plenty of legitimate reasons, your capsule should be large enough – our standard One-X measures 45o square feet and there is no limit to expansion. The space you will need depends on some personal factors, which are related to your love time with your luxury toy. So we want to give you the right perspective. Keep your experience more engaging and fulfilling. You must want to hear the exact individual roar: our passive acoustic system allows for a clear and unparalleled sound experience.

The need to have a parking space rumier increases when you have enough collection to display. You should be able to drive the car of your choice without having to move others. Similarly, the presence of an intelligent solution may also be necessary. Supercar Capsules has fulfilled the dream of car lovers to showcase cars by creating incomparable capsules for multiple cars. Moreover, depending on your needs, the company can also make custom fit-outs, mechanical systems and villa extensions.

2. Adequate lighting and the ability to improve the appearance of the car

Your supercar should look regal when displayed, which cannot be achieved without proper lighting in your parking space. Nevertheless, its body shape will look average without strategically placing spots, curtains or strips.

3. To spend convenient moments conveniently

100. Optional

In fact, you and your friends want to spend quality time with Super Toy! So, wouldn’t it be great if you could play interactive generative music while enjoying the comfort of your cigar and beverage collection, even while tasting fine coffee from a professional espresso machine? Adequate seating and containment space are essential for enjoying such a lifestyle. That’s why we provide our luxurious parking spaces with lounges to suit your needs.

4. Able to ensure safety and durability against weather conditions

With such generous features and benefits, your capsules become extremely valuable and need to be stored with adequate care. After all, a supercar is not only valuable for car enthusiasts but also an asset that is valuable over time, therefore, your container should provide a safe and secure environment. You can rely on insulated walls, coated glazing, curtains, climate control, anti-intrusion, CCTV and sprinkler systems. All digitally is controlled by a single digital device.

Unwrapping the wrapper

In many cases, architects are pushed by obstacles and limitations to assemble a station that secures all of these features. However, fortunately, this is the area where Supercar stands for capsule delivery. After purchasing a capsule, you will get all the features mentioned for you and your car. So, going for a pre-engineered solution, or any customization you want for yourself?

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