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A facelifted BMW X3 Not only sold, but the next generation prototype has already been spied on.

Based on the traditional BMW product cycle, the new X3 is not expected to launch until 2024 or 2025.

Our spy photographers captured the nameplate that the M40i model, or flagship M Performance model, would wear.

The presence of a quad exhaust outlet as seen in the current M40i is a gift.

The design of the next X3 is an evolution of the current car, which has basically the same silhouette and similar details as the belt line bending upwards towards the rear door.

For years BMW has been careful not to shake up the design formula of the popular X3 too much, these elements remain the same throughout the three generations.

Headlights and taillights seem to be temporary prototype units, although if our eyes (or rather, camouflage) don’t deceive us, the next X3 shows a set to hold a conventional-sized grille.

There appears to be a hole in the bottom of the grille, which indicates that the grille will be slightly lower than the current car.

However, this does not indicate that the X3 will follow the 4 Series, M3 and M4, which have moved towards a submerged, double-coffin grille.

We hope the X3 continues to deliver a variety of powertrains like the current car.

The current X3 can be a choice of turbocharged four- or six-cylinder petrol or diesel engines, including the hot twin-turbo inline six found in the X3 M, the plug-in hybrid and an electric version (iX3).

It has a close relationship with the X4, a smooth ‘coupe SUV’ variant of the popular X3.

The next X3 and X4 will close the square against the recently released, second-generation Mercedes-Benz GLC.

A new Audi Q5 has also been spied on, and may be released in 2023, when Volvo is expected to replace its XC60 in 2024.

The X3 is currently the best-selling car in its segment in Australia, and earlier this year received a facelift that brought new styling inside and out – although it has not yet rolled out across the BMW curved display range.

By the end of May, the BMW had sold the 2004 X3 along with the 409 X4.

In contrast, Mercedes-Benz sold 1721 GLC wagons and 792 GLC coupes, Volvo sold 1707 XC60s and Audi sold 1494 Q5s.

Other popular models in this segment include the Lexus NX (1461) and Porsche Macan (1317).

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