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Volkswagen is preparing to transform its flagship SUV into a light mid-life

The current, third-generation Touareg was released in 2018, which means it’s almost set to refresh. This particular prototype may look like the current car but it is actually a good disguised facelift.

Changes to the front end are limited to new trim pieces and design bits around the front grille, which could more closely integrate Tuareg’s design with the updated Tiguan and T-Rock.

It’s not clear about this prototype, but it’s possible that Volkswagen will add a new LED light bar to the front end. We expect detailed updates on LED headlights and tail lights and some new wheel options for 2023.

As for the rest of it? It’s less clear. The Touareg range is already offered with petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid powertrains, but it is possible that Volkswagen will add light-hybrid technology to pure internal-combustion engines.

The related Audi Q7 already features a range of light-hybrid engines.

Inside, the Touareg already packs a high-tech cabin. The car will likely get an updated version of its 15-inch touchscreen infotainment system and 12.3-inch digital dashboard. Wireless CarPlay is being rolled out across the VW range, and Touareg is probably on the next line.

Volkswagen Australia expects strong supply of pre-facelift Tuareg before the launch of the updated model.

More than 1,000 instances have been locked for Volkswagen to arrive at the Australia showroom in the second half of 2022.

The company said it had “negotiated a priority on Tuareg volume” with its head office to secure the arrival of the high-margin model from the Slovakian factory and thereby equate its 2022 sales prospects with the previous two models.

Demand for Touaregs has surpassed supply for some time – a problem that is affecting much more expensive heavy duty SUVs in the market right now.

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