2023 Volkswagen Amarok released July 7, after which the price will be determined – update

Volkswagen Its eager interest has told us more about the expected new Amarok ute soon before its full release, and before it rolls into showrooms early next year.

Most of the design and engineering of the second-generation Volkswagen camel was conducted in Australia, giving Amarok a strong chance of becoming a leading market.

Updated May 17, story Originally run April 26: Volkswagen today confirmed that the Australian price of the new Amarok will be unveiled shortly after its world release on July 7 this year, and said that it has already received orders from people interested in staying in the front row.

Because it is based on the new generation Ford Ranger platform, developed under the leadership of the Victoria R&D team at the Blue Oval. However, VW’s team works parallel to and with the program.

When the Ranger will be made in Thailand again, 2023 Amarok production will move from Argentina and Germany to the Ford plant in South Africa.

In addition to showing pictures of the disguised late-stage prototype, tests are underway, with Volkswagen providing some details to build customer expectations.

5350 mm long, the new model is about 100 mm longer than the previous one. Its 3270mm wheelbase adds 175mm longer, interior space than before. Wheelbase has increased proportionately with the whole vehicle, front and rear exit angles should also be improved.

Volkswagen says up to 1.2 tons of payload is expected in the workhorse versions, although you would expect the high-performance, V6 ‘Lifestyle’ models to focus more on the comfort of the occupants with a softer setup. VW further states that the wedding depth ceiling is a big increase.

There will be four diesel and one petrol choices around the world, with displacements between 2.0-liter and 3.0-liter, as well as either rear-wheel drive, part-time 4 × 4, or full-time permanent AWD. Volkswagen says it will have a 3.5-ton towing capacity.

The flagship drivetrain – which Volkswagen Australia is expected to make a major part of the product offer as it currently stands – will be a Ford-supplied V6 diesel (in 184kW and 600Nm range) instead of a 10-speed automatic, outbound VW. 3.0-liter TDI V6.

Other engines are being borrowed from Ford, suggesting a 2.0-liter single-turbo diesel with a six-speed gearbox, a 2.0-liter Beaterbo with a 10-speed auto and a 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbo-petrol. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The provided Ranger was created to enable a plug-in hybrid – to add to the life cycle – a Volkswagen version is approximate.

In addition to relocating to Ford’s ‘T6’ architecture, Volkswagen has stepped into the core of active safety, hoping for 30 driver-assist systems, including more than 20 new ones – AEB, lane-keeping aids, blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control. , And the rest.

By design, the new front section will have a horizontal top bar across the radiator grille, with all versions having quite narrow LED headlights as standard. Matrix LEDs will be optional. The top grades will offer 21-inch alloy wheels and all-terrain tires.

The tailgate will again be framed by standard LED lights, and the ‘Amarok’ badge has been embossed across virtually the entire width. Like the previous model, the new Amarok can again fit a palette between the arches, with a tie-down ring on the front and back.

Volkswagen promises to make a difference from the inside of various touchpoints and rangers. Expect a digital cluster and a tablet-style infotainment display – in Ford-like portrait orientation.

The company promises upgraded seats with an exclusive sound system, leather face surface for instruments and door panels with stitching, and optional 10-way navigation. “There’s also room for three adult passengers behind the Doublecab Amarok,” VW added.

Volkswagen says five trim versions are expected: the entry-level version will have the ‘Amarok’ badge, followed by the ‘Life’ and ‘Style’ grades. ‘PanAmericana’ (off-road focus) and ‘Aventura’ (on-road, lifestyle focus) will be billed as “equal top versions”.

It remains to be seen whether locally tuned Wakinshow versions will be available again, but companies are in talks and this seems to be a formality.

To date, Amarak has sold 830,000 units in Europe, South America, South Africa and Oceania. Australia is a major global market that buys about 10 per cent of this total, more than 32,000 V6.

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