2023 Subaru Solterra: Buyers’ interest in the brand’s first EV

Don’t expect to see it here before mid-2023, but already Subaru Solters The brand has garnered thousands of expressions of interest from enthusiasts and those interested in buying Subaru’s first all-wheel drive EV.

At least, according to Blair Reid, managing director of Subaru Australia, who gave Care Expert An initial look at the car, here in Australia for an ongoing evaluation before its market launch.

“We have already shown the car to various dealers and Subaru customers and I can say that the number of people who have registered their interest in Subaru’s first all-electric car is in the thousands,” Mr Reed said.

Despite the subtle tightness in terms of 2023 solitaire prices and specifications – a crossover EV and the twin under the skin of the Toyota co-developed bZ4x will arrive at the same time – as well as the expected supply.

“We’re not talking about price and specs yet, because it’s a valuation vehicle, but rest assured that we will be competing with Solta, based on the feedback from dealer groups and customers who have seen the car so far,” Mr Reid added.

By the way, the Kia EV6 is priced at $ 67,990.

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“They like the bold design and you can still see the Subaru DNA inside the car, as well as the size and profile of the car. And, they especially like the technology upgrades and cabin design, which is very different from our existing range.”

Although the final local specification will not be released until its launch date, Subaru will receive an exclusive All-Wheel Drive (AWD) version instead of adding a front-wheel drive to the flagship All-Butt-compliant Australian model. Mixture

“All-wheel drive is an integral part of our DNA, but although I can’t confirm the specifications today, if you look at what Subaru has been consistent with for the past decade or so, you can probably make it,” he said.

“Symmetrical all-wheel drive has been a key component of the brand for so long and we have to do what is right by our brand even when other EV manufacturers are offering both front and all-wheel drive versions.”

The Solterra gets a 71.4kWh battery capacity and 460km driving range (claimed), a 160kW power output and 150kW of maximum AC and DC charging power of 6.6kW, respectively. This is less than some of the competitors in the medium electric SUV space.

“We need to be fully aware of the customer offer and the technology available to compete in a dynamic market [of]So this evaluated Solterra is here to understand the needs of the customers, which is why we are not willing to confirm the final specification and price, ”said Mr. Reid.

“During this time, we have the opportunity to make improvements in various fields. Given that we will continue to develop products, we will see product and model year updates.” “Obviously, we need to be competitive and understand what customers are looking for, but at the moment it’s a very fast moving environment.”

Again, Mr. Reed is keeping his cards close to his chest, but it seems the Solters could very well offer a larger range or more motor power at some point, as Subaru begins to enhance his electrification strategy.

Solterra uses a new electric vehicle architecture, co-developed by Subaru and Toyota, which the former brand calls ‘e-Subaru Global Platform’. Although you can see the signal of the equivalent Toyota bZ4X design throughout the entire car, at least there are enough changes to distinguish the two from the outside.

Exterior changes for the Solterra include a modified grille area with unique LED headlamps, fog lights and taillight signatures.

Inside, it’s a different story. Aside from the omission of the steering yoke as an alternative to the Toyota EV, the Solterra cabin looks almost identical. Not a bad thing at all, it has a smart, contemporary look and feel with lots of premium materials and some interesting technology on board.

By all accounts, Subaru’s first all-electric car has had a lot of follow-up in Australia, but price and features will be crucial to its success against the already popular rivals (Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia EV6 and Tesla Model Y).

Stay tuned for more updates when they come in handy, and let us know your thoughts

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