2023 Porsche 911 Facelift Spide, new cabin seen

The updated Porsche 911’s analog rev counter looks set to drop.

The 992.2-generation 911 has been tested multiple times in recent months, wearing modified front and rear bumpers on the outside.

Recent images of the cabin reveal that the 911 Tecan is set to receive full-digital dials from electric cars.

The current model has a prominent rev counter in front of the driver, connected by two screens that can be customized separately.

For the rest of the change? Rumor has it that the Mill is rumored to have a 911 engine, with some reports claiming that it could achieve the 4.0-liter naturally-coveted Flat Six with the mid-life update of the Cayman GTS and GT4.

But when asked if the 718 would end up in the GTS range from 4.0 to 911, Frank-Stephen Walliser, the board member responsible for 911 and 718, simply told us “no.”

The engine in question shares its displacement with the 911 GT3 and Cayman GT4 RS engines, but in fact it is a unique unit designed specifically for the 718 GTS and GT4.

Given the cost of developing and equipping an engine, it is rare for brands to create a base unit for a single, relatively low-volume model range.

Although Mr Wallisar did not give much, he suggested that the engine was meant to be used more extensively when development began in 2014, before the rapidly changing emissions rules forced Porsche to change its plans.

“Knowing everything I know today, maybe we would have done something different,” Mr Wallizer said.

“It was not a bad decision, you can’t go back. The engine is a wonderful, 4.0-liter GTS. The customer response was louder than the moon, it really gave Boxstar and Cayman a second life, ”he said.

“Things have changed, other plans have changed,” Mr Walliser said. “It will be a single engine, single car – a very collectible car.”

Although one of the cars pictured here has a different exhaust system for the current model, suggesting it may have a different engine, the Digital Dash shows a turbo boost gauge.

Although naturally ambitious power is not on the menu, we know hybrid power is coming at 911.

It is less likely to feature PHEV power, and is more likely to take inspiration from the 919 Endurance Racer’s powertrain, using electrical power to assist the petrol engine instead of giving it extra shade.

Packing a PHEV drivetrain on the 911 is more difficult than the larger Panamera and Cayenne, as it is still a relatively compact car and still clearly focused on driver engagement.

Mr. Walliser has said before Care Expert The hybrid power move could “come step by step” as Porsche works to meet the next batch of European emissions regulations expected to hit in 2026.

This suggests that the first step may be a 48V light-hybrid system, which allows the engine to shut down at low speeds and provides a power boost as you move forward.

Mr Walliser said the first challenge was working out how much a hybrid system would boost the 911 petrol engine.

“The question is: with hybridization, what is the right level? How much energy do you keep?” Mr. Walliser asked.

“It simply came to our notice then. In the automotive industry we see different solutions, and we will see what our solutions will be. Hybridization in general is an issue we are considering, ”he said.

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