2023 Polyester 4 electric SUV teased

Electric vehicle brand Polyester has teased its upcoming coupe SUV, giving two more upcoming models a better look.

The 2023 Polyester 4 A model range shared by the company on social media is depicted in the photo, though it is covered by a sheet.

Despite the concealment, we realize that it is lower than the upcoming Polyester 3 and with a smoother, more coupe-like roof.

Like the rest of the polyester line-up, there is a full-width taillight assembly.

Polyester says it is targeting the Porsche McCann with its “Luxury Arrow” Polyester 4; The name McCann will soon be used in a dedicated electric car.

It will be produced in China from 2023.

The Polyester 4 will be smaller and more affordable than the upcoming Polaster 3, a more straightforward SUV that shares its platform with the upcoming replacement of the Volvo XC90 which is expected to be called Embla.

Polyester is calling the upcoming 3K a performance SUV, and it is expected to attract more enthusiasts than its more family-centric Volvo rivals.

Brand says 3 Porsche will deal with Cain. Electrical rivals Audi E-Tron and BMW IX will be among others, although they are less publicly performance-centric.

It will be produced in both China and the US, with production set to begin this year.

Both polyester SUVs will have a target of more than 600 km.

The company released a teaser of its larger SUV earlier this month, which revealed a side profile. The latest teaser shows that it will also have a full-width light bar like its stabilizers.

The Polestar is aimed at introducing an autonomous highway driving feature in this model, featuring technology from Waymo, Nvidia and Zenseact.

Polyester CEO Thomas Ingenlath has previously stated that he is looking at a € 45,000 (A 67,134) price point for the Polyester 4 and a € 75,000 (A $ 111,890) price point for the Polyester 3.

The company is also teasing Polyester 5, a prototype of which will debut this month at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Production of the Electric Grand Tourer will begin in China in 2024.

Recent teasers and leaked patent images have shown that the smooth fastback remains faithful to the concept, although it now includes conventional mirrors and front hinged rear doors.

Polyester sold about 29,000 cars worldwide in 2021, but by 2025 it aims to sell 290,000 cars worldwide with a dramatically expanded model line.

By 2025, it expects to produce 30,000 examples of its Polyester 5 Grand Tour, 79,000 units of Polyester 4, 77,000 units of Polyester 3 and 104,000 units of Polyester 2.

Polyester is a Swedish-based joint venture company run by Volvo and its Chinese parent Gili Holding, an upcoming Nasdaq SPAC IPO that is set to close this year.

In Australia, it is being sold online. Instead of a dealership, it has boutique-style polyester space so that customers can enjoy the products manually before signing up to the dotted line.

Currently only one model is offered: Polyester 2, which shares its CMA platform with the Volvo XC40.

The first polyester model was the brand’s only non-EV. Polyester 1 is a smooth two-door coupe featuring a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

The names that Polyester chooses for his cars are not based on their position in the line-up, but on the order in which they are dropped.

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