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M Division of BMW His first bespoke SUV, The, is getting ready for launch XMAnd has been a transit spy.

In the photo shared on Wilco Block’s Instagram account and AutospyAn XM can be seen without the traditional prototype camouflage.

The front end parts still have the shroud, the tail lights, the wheels and the dashboard, most of the car uncovered.

We can see that the front end styling of the Concept XM has largely left the transition intact, with a prominent central crease with an angled, raised bonnet with a circular logo inside.

The double-kidney grille appears to be bordered by gold trim, with an unusual gold-finish trim piece running parallel to the beltline.

The Concept XM also had a thick side trim piece, but it was finished in black and used to separate the two outer paint finishes.

Filler / charging plug doors have a more conventional shape, while the tail lights seem to be somewhat restored. Overall, however, the shape of the XM echoes the same concept as the XM with its sloping roof and sloping roof.

The interior is heavily concealed, but we can see that the steering wheel, shifter and center console look similar to the concept and are finished in a deep aquamarine color.

The concept features a dashboard design on the veins of other recent BMW products, a large digital instrument cluster with a “BMW curved display” and a perimeter central touchscreen.

Where the Concept XM was, the trim choice was more like a concept car: its cabin was painted in vintage-look brown leather and deep-carpeted carpets, while its rear seats featured more quilted velvet than Liberes clothing.

Perhaps the most bizarre element was the heavy sculpture, the illuminated headliner.

It remains to be seen whether the production car will offer such bold trim choices.

Although BMW sells M versions of its X3, X4, X5 and X6 SUVs, the XM will only be available as a BMW M division product where “regular” versions are not available.

It will go into production by the end of 2022.

Set as BMW M’s first electrified vehicle, the BMW XM will still be powered by a “newly-developed” V8 petrol engine coupled with an electric motor, although it now claims a total system output of 480kW of power and 800Nm of torque.

This is 70kW and 200Nm less than what the concept XM-produced BMW said.

It’s not clear if BMW is leaving room for a more powerful version of the XM in the future that could produce near-concept outputs, or if the XM production was never intended to be so powerful.

BMW still claims that the XM has an all-electric range of up to 80km according to WLTP testing.

The Bavarian Automaker XM’s high-voltage battery capacity, 0-100km / h time, maximum speed and efficiency ratings remain tight in the vicinity of the details.

The XM has a hybrid-specific M xDrive all-wheel drive system with an electronic rear differential lock on the rear axle transmission.

The XM M as standard comes with adaptive suspension and a model-specific M braking system, while alloy wheels up to 23 inches are available.

For the first time in a BMW M car, the XM has an electromechanical roll stabilizing system powered by a 48V electric system, as well as rear-axle steering that aids in low-speed cornering and high-speed driving stability.

At this stage, XM’s primary focus is on the US market, although it is on the minds of the local segment.

A BMW Australia spokesperson stated in November 2021, “The BMW M brand and the BMW X range are significant for Australia – one in five BMWs sold here wear an M badge and BMW X vehicles represent more than 60 per cent of our total sales.

“With that in mind, the BMW Concept XM has an immediate appeal to our market. If the production model is made available to us, we will definitely offer it to our customers. ”

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