2023 BMW M4 GT4 Race Car Released

BMW last week unveiled a new GT4 race car based on the latest generation of its M4 coupe.

Like the M4 GT3 race car unveiled last summer, the M4 GT4 is designed for BMW’s customer racing program. The car is priced from 7 187,000 and is available for ordering for timely delivery by 2023.

The car has been built to comply with the rules of various GT4 competitions held in Asia, Europe and North America, and to control costs, numerous parts of the roadside M4 have been retained, with other parts borrowed from the M4 GT3. .

Compared to the outgoing M4 GT4, the focus of development for the new generation was not only to build a faster car but also to be more reliable and cheaper to maintain.

2023 BMW M4 GT4 Race Car

2023 BMW M4 GT4 Race Car

In addition, ergonomics and electronics have been developed based on feedback from previous generation owners. A major upgrade is the addition of the M-Track cockpit, which makes it possible to check and change the settings of many vehicles from the cockpit, thus reducing the time spent in the garage.

The car is powered by the same twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter Inline-6 ​​found in the M4 Road car, but the peak output dials up to 543 hp, matching the output of the recently released 2023 M4 CSL. However, unlike the M4 CSL, the transmission in the M4 GT4 loses a gear. It runs a special 7-speed automatic from ZF designed for motorsport. The car also has a Drexler limited-slip differential with separate temperature controlled auxiliary cooling and reinforced drive shaft.

Other upgrades include KW Adjustable Damper, H&R Adjustable Springs, Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar (Front and Back), Adjustable Camber Up Front, Adjustable Tow and Rear Camber and Adjustable Traction Control. The interior has been completely stripped and fitted with a carbon fiber Recarro race seat, as well as a Fanatech multi-function steering wheel and the M-Track cockpit system mentioned above.

Because the GT4 cars are much closer specifically to the production models they are based on, it ends up being a much more affordable option for drivers than the GT3 route. As a result of the increased demand, many automakers are now offering GT4 cars.

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