2023 BMW M3 The fastest wagon in Turing Hall ring with 7:35 Lap time

The 2023 M3 Turing is just a few days away from making its world debut at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​but let’s move away from the BMW M Friday to an important aspect of the car যে that it made a full 12.9 mile laptop in Nürburgring in a time of 7: 35.06.

This is the fastest time for a wagon in the ‘ring’, as the previous best was set by a Mercedes-Benz AMG E 63S wagon at 7:45 in 2017, although it was an unofficial time set by the German magazine Auto Sport.

The M3 touring is certainly impressive, although Porsche’s 2021 Panamera Sport Turismo will probably be faster, considering the car’s hatchback version could be ‘Ring in 7: 29.81’. Porsche did not say which version of the Panamera was used for the run, but we have to imagine that it is a Panamera Turbo S, the fastest in the bunch.

The M3 Turing is a high-performance wagon based on the updated 2023 BMW 3-Series range, which means it will have the latest dashboard design with a floating screen for instrument cluster and infotainment hub. Don’t look for it in US showrooms because BMW has confirmed that it is not coming here.

Elsewhere, prospective buyers can expect the M3 Turing to have the same features as the M3 sedan, which means power will come from the 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline-6. The engine delivers 473 hp on the standard M3 and 503 hp in the M3 competition disguise.

The standard M3 also comes exclusively with a manual transmission and rear-wheel drive, while the M3 Competition comes exclusively with the choice of 8-speed automatic and rear- or all-wheel drive. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

This is actually the first time that BMW M is bringing an M3 wagon. BMW’s official tuner and motorsports division came close to launching an M3 Turing two decades ago as part of the third-generation M3 range, but the project never got to the prototype stage.

Stay tuned for the M3 Turing debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in the UK from 23-26 June. BMW will present the recently released 2023 M4 CSL, the original 3.0 CSL, the M1 Procar, the V12 LMR Le Mans winner, and a collection of race cars including the new hybrid V8 LMDh. For more coverage, visit our Dedicated Hub.

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