2022 Volkswagen Touareg to improve supply, waiting time is running out

We are not used to hearing Positive The story of new car deliveries lately – in contrast.

But with some good news for potential buyers of premium SUVs, there is a demand of over 1000 people Volkswagen Tours The company’s showroom is locked for arrival in the second half of 2022.

The company said it had “negotiated a priority on Tuareg volume” with its head office to secure the arrival of the high-margin model from the Slovakian factory and thereby equate its 2022 sales prospects with the previous two models.

Demand for Touaregs has surpassed easy supply for some time – a problem affecting much more expensive heavy duty SUVs in the market right now.

To put this surplus of about 1000 Touaregs in context, Volkswagen delivered only 199 of them to buyers in the first four months of 2022. It sold a total of 1261 units in 2021 and 1202 units in 2020.

The arrival of the flagship SUV volume means “for the first time in this generation of Tuareg” the company is predicting a supply that almost meets demand – still priced at more than 2000 annual sales, said Mishal Sajaniki, Volkswagen Passenger Vehicles Brand Director.

“These are the ‘green shoots’ our dealerships and customers are looking for, and we continue to add volume to Australia, along with other model lines,” he said.

“We thank our customers for their patience as we navigate the range-wide delivery challenges and look forward to welcoming many happy new – and loyal – customers to their Touareg before the new year.”

Volkswagen Australia’s range-wide sales this year fell 35.8 per cent to 7,846 units, much lower than its average volume in recent times. The company has set it up on a tight supply footing from its various vehicle sources.

Meanwhile Touareg’s next evolution will be the arrival of the Volkswagen Touareg R, the brand’s first plug-in hybrid sold here, which will be available to order by the end of 2022.

However, Delivery Done Suspended Until 2023, Originally scheduled for the end of this year. This model in particular is undoubtedly in high demand in Europe, where CO2 emissions regulation drives consumer practice.

The Touareg R’s petrol V6 PHEV drivetrain delivers 340kW and 700Nm of power, its battery allows the claimed 47km EV-only range, it holds the familiar 3500kg towing capacity, and cuts from zero to 100km / h in 51 seconds.

It will join the current Touareg 170TDI, 210TDI Elegance and 210TDI R-line, priced from $ 87,990, $ 106,990 and $ 116,290, respectively, before on-road costs.

Everyone uses a turbo-diesel V6 and an eight-speed automatic transmission, including the ‘4Motion’ all-wheel drive. Below, Touareg shares much more expensive Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne, as they all sit on VW’s MLB Evo platform.

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