2022 Porsche McCann GTS Review

The Porsche McCann There are everywhere

Not only was it the best-selling Porsche in Australia in 2021, it was also the best-selling brand of the worldwide brand, the larger Cayenne and Taycan.

Porsche knows this is a good thing. After launching the car in 2014, before another styling and equipment refresh in 2021 to keep things fresh in the face of strong competition, the brand gave it a mid-life update in 2019.

What’s new? The car has a long list of more powerful engines, more advanced cabin technology and standard equipment, including styling, which has been massaged to match the latest Porsche range.

Although it is technically an updated version, the Macan GTS test here has come a long way from the first Macan GTS introduced in 2016. It is less than 100cc, but more 49kW and 50Nm. It competes with a stronger pool of rivals than ever before.

Has Porsche developed its smallest SUV fast enough to keep up with the crowd?

How much does the Porsche Macan GTS cost?

The price of the McCann range has reached $ 90,100 after the recent price increase. Here’s an increase of $ 8300 in GTS testing, with list price rising ডের 138,100 before on-road.

That’s $ 24,900 more than the McCann S and $ 8000 more than the rival Mercedes-AMG GLC43. That’s more than you would pay for a BMW X3 M40i (118,900) or an Audi SQ5 TDI ($ 110,400).

Being a Porsche, there are also options to consider Our testers were fitted with options priced at $ 23,380, for a tested price of $ 161,480 before the on-road cost.

How about the inside of the Porsche McCann GTS?

McCann was given an internal refresh with his latest update. Although the architecture of the cabin is largely the same, the black buttons on the lining of the transmission tunnel have been replaced with a glossy array 911, a version of the glossy flight deck from Panamara and Cayenne.

The old automatic shifter is gone (which tended to clink from park to reverse), and is replaced by a new unit that is smooth to use but feels a bit plastic in your hand.

The basics of McCann are excellent. The driving position is spot on, the wheels are the perfect size and shape, and the seats themselves offer a perfect mix of reinforcement and support. Cold metal gearshift pedal and click-click drive mode dial on wheels are pure class.

With a simple, three-dial instrument binoculars (taken from the 718 Cayman) instead of a dual-screen cluster from the 911, Cayenne and Taycan, McCann has a somewhat older style feel that will be immediately recognizable in Porsche fans on the way back.

What it lacks in customizability, it clearly fills. While you can do more with the dials from 911, the simple digital speedo and color trip computer screen on the right is easy to read on the fly, and can still be set up to show you a map or all the cars. Important symptoms.

The central infotainment screen has been removed directly from the latest Porsche model. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the tiles on the home screen, and sorting out what you want isn’t a one-moment task, but acquaintances come over time.

It’s also easy to jump around the system using touch-based shortcuts at the beginning of the dashboard. Speaking of which, the sheer number of buttons in the Gloss Black Transmission Tunnel will open your eyes first and the amount of fingerprints they attract will drive clean crazy people crazy.

Like infotainment systems, it takes time to learn where everything is… but over time, again, with a minimum of eye-off-road time, it’s easy to find what you need. Our tester’s fingerprints were the strongest on the drain button, which tells you what you need to know about what we’re pressing.

There’s plenty of storage up front, from dual cupholder and decent underarm storage bins to bottle-friendly door pockets. The small slot on the back of the e-parking brake is suitable for garage keys and coins, if you are happy to have them on display.

The rear seat space in the McCann has always been a weak point compared to the mid-size SUV competitors, and it remains so in 2022. The legroom is stiff behind long drivers, and the headroom is weaker than the smaller options offer. Leave the related Audi Q5, the class-leading BMW X3.

With air vents, fold-down central armrests and decent-sized windows it is perfect for children or young adults, but in the end it is a medium sized crossover for which practicality is no less a concern.

Claimed 453 liters The boot space on the GTS will give you space for a golf bag or a week’s worth of shopping, but the sloping tailgate and higher floor mean it’s less capable of carrying bikes or furniture than some of its competitors. By folding the back seats you will still get an impressive 1468LAnyway.

What’s under the bonnet?

The Porsche McCann comes from the Power One on the GTS 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 With 324 kW And 550NmSent all four wheels through one Seven speed PDK Infection.

Fuel economy is demanded 10.3 liters per 100 kmAnd 75 Fuel tank 98 RON must be filled with premium unleaded petrol.

100km / h sprint flies a claim 4.3 seconds.

How does the Porsche McCann GTS drive?

The McCann burns down and becomes inactive on a hard-edged Porsche. It feels special since you turned it on, but doesn’t feel missing.

The exceptional PD of the Torque bag and Porsche radically changes the proportions with a version of the dual-clutch transmission, effortlessly piloting around the McCann town.

The steering wheel of the 2022 model is lighter than I remember at low speeds, making it easier to thread through tight carpark, and the widescreen surround-view camera means no excuses for scrapped bumpers or wheels. While its compact dimensions hit the rear-seat and boot space, McCann is a great size for the city.

In air suspension, the ride is very city-friendly. It has a long-haul feeling on the speed barrier, and the expansion joints are floating under the 21-inch alloy wheels without losing tranquility.

When are you traveling? The McCann GTS feels like a really polished, really expensive hot hatch.

There are three suspension modes for flicking, the exhaust can be cranked to give more noise, and the PD can set up the gears to hold the redline, transforming the car’s character. You can pick-and-mix using the transmission tunnel buttons, or flick through the drive modes using dials on the wheels.

If this is too complicated, pressing the Sport Response button in the middle of the dial turns the car into its furious mode for 20 seconds.

In its sportist setup, McCann is an angry little bastard for one thing. The engine breaks through the mid-range with a hard-edged bark, and the PDK will run to the right redline before grabbing another gear, the exhaust causing a terrible crack and repeating the cycle.

In the Sport or Sport Plus the transmission is lightning fast, the eyelids are snapping through the upward movement and leaning confidently downwards when you lean firmly on the silicone carbide brakes.

Not only are they designed to provide more stopping power than conventional steel units, they also create less brake dust to keep your matte black wheels fresh for longer. They pull the McCann, which weighs about two tons, unhindered, even when you’re in a lot of trouble.

In sport mode the steering wheel weighs nicely, and the front end bites better than any real right in a high-riding SUV. The body roll is neatly checked as the air suspension is tightened and it feels nicely balanced when you are in power.

It’s not a 911, but there’s a distinct Porsche-Y feeling about them in the weight of controls and reactions. It is clearly a part of the same family tree, although its priorities are somewhat different.

Did you get

McCann Highlights:

  • 10.9-inch touchscreen infotainment system
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Satellite navigation
  • Eight speaker sound system with amplifier
  • DAB + digital radio
  • 2 x USB-C on the front center console
  • 2 x USB-A charging port on the rear center console
  • With 14-way power comfortable front seat memory
  • Privacy Glass
  • Keyless entry and start
  • Automatic LED headlights
  • 19-inch alloy wheel

McCann adds:

  • 15 mm lower suspension
  • Electronic adapted damper
  • Agate gray metallic exterior design material
  • Quad Drainage Outlet
  • 20-inch alloy wheel
  • Internal and external mirrors auto-dimming
  • Exclusive upholstery with black leather, embedded Porsche crest on headrest
  • Heated, eight-way power adjustable front play seat
  • Memory for driver’s seat
  • Heated sports steering wheel
  • Black aluminum door seal with McCann logo

McCann S added:

  • 14-speaker Bose sound system
  • Three-zone climate control
  • Body color front apron
  • Sport design side skirt, side blade, rear bumper

McCann GTS adds:

  • Sport crono package
  • Air suspension with 10mm low ride
  • 21-inch wheel with colored Porsche crest
  • Black exterior trim highlights
  • Sports Drainage (four outlets, black)
  • Tinted LED tail light
  • Heat the front seat

The following options were applied to our tester:

  • GTS Interior Package at Carmine Red: $ 7220
  • Carmine Red Exterior Paint: $ 4480
  • GTS External Side Blade: $ 2230
  • Tinted LED headlights: $ 860
  • Panoramic sunroof: $ 3110
  • Carbon interior package: $ 1600
  • Adaptive cruise control: 1620
  • Self-steering park assistance: $ 650
  • 18-way adapted sports seats: $ 580
  • Porsche LED Poodle Light: $ 540
  • Power Steering Plus: $ 490

Is the Porsche McCann GTS safe?

Porsche Macan has no rating from ANCAP, although it received an old, five-star rating from Euro NCAP based on tests conducted in 2014. This happened before the ANCAP Euro adjusted its ratings with the NCAP.

Standard safety equipment includes:

  • Lane-change assistance
  • Reversing camera
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Around-view camera
  • Front, front and screen airbags

How much does it cost to run a Porsche Macan GTS?

Porsche McCann is supported by a Three-year, unlimited-kilometer warranty.

Maintenance is required every 12 months or 15,000 kilometers, and Porsche does not offer capped-price servicing like its competitors.

Associated with CarExpert’s Porsche Macan GTS

The Porsche Macan isn’t the newest medium-sized SUV out there, but it’s still the best for those who enjoy driving.

From the moment you sit behind its perfectly-proportioned steering wheel, and the V6 engine fires with a hard-edged bark, it feels special. None of the more mainstream competitors can balance its impressive ride and air suspension.

Although it is not perfect. It’s useless to criticize Porsche for the price of the alternative at the moment, but it’s a bit crazy that you have to pay more than $ 10,000 to look like a GTS, you know, a complete interior package and a GTS with red color. It’s also frustrating that you need the adaptive cruise control option in the 22 150,000 luxury SUV in 2022.

Although McCann’s success suggests buyers don’t really care. I don’t think so either.

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