2022 Porsche 911 GT3 Manthey Upgrade, Polestar 5, Buick Electra-X: Car News

Porsche is now offering a Manthey-Raceing upgrade directly to the 911 GT3, which means the mods will not void the manufacturer’s warranty. The upgrade manages to shave four seconds from the 911 GT3’s Nürburgring lap time without simply adding more power.

A Polyester 5 is coming in 2024 to adopt the high-end versions of the Porsche Tycoon and Tesla Model S, and the new patented drawing will probably reveal the design. The Polyester 5 is a medium-sized hatch and Polyester first previewed the design in 2020 with its conceptual concept.

Buick also looks at the future with some ideas. The Electra-X features an electric car preview for China, and the Wildcat EV features binding design elements for the Buick EV sold in the United States.

You’ll find these stories and more in today’s car news, right here Motor authority.

Manthey-Racing upgrade shaves 4s from 2022 Porsche 911 GT3’s ‘Ring Time’

The patent drawing probably shows the production polyester 5

The Buick Electra-X concept previews the design and direction for the Chinese EV

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The 2023 Polyester 2 BST version offers 270 handling and performance upgrades

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Celebrating 20 years of Golf R with VW 329-hp special edition

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The Buick Wildcat EV concept is a foretaste of future Buicks in 2024, including the Electra EV

Fortnite makers are bringing a sleek interface to the upcoming Volvo EV, starting with the flagship model.

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