2022 Ford Ranger arrives in Australia

Its the first batch Ford Ranger UTS arrives in Australia before launch in July.

A set of published photos Ford Ranger Next General Owners Group Facebook reveals a few rows of next-generation rangers sitting in the port of Adelaide.

The front of the row looks mostly like the Wildtrak model, with at least one of the 00 1500 Wildtrak premium packs that include matrix LED headlights.

Ford is advising customers that the arrival of the Ranger will now begin in July, following the Ranger Raptor in August.

The company had earlier said that these models are coming in June and July, respectively, but the COVID-19 lockdown in China has hampered the supply of various components.

Ford said the Chinese Covid lockdown affected 91 suppliers and 393 unique parts used in the Ranger.

Since the Ranger is generally Australia’s second best-selling car, behind its Toyota Hilux rival only, there is a huge demand for new units.

Some dealers are charging higher delivery fees than usual, prompting Ford Australia to encourage customers to shop.

The company said it did not set these fees or recommend any fee amounts, forcing its franchise dealers to charge $ 903 and $ 5995 – according to buyers on social media.

A potential owner who has been contacted Care Expert Says they received a $ 1895 delivery fee when they last ordered their Ranger in December 2020, but added a $ 3500 fee to their new Ranger order from the same dealership.

“Although dealer delivery fees are set independently by dealers, we are keen to remind customers that we have more than 180 dealers nationwide and welcome them to work with dealers of their choice,” said a Ford Australia spokesperson.

“We have a new online configurator, ford.com.au, so customers can keep their postcodes, configure their cars and get an estimated drive-away price, which includes an estimated dealer delivery charge.”

When setting a Ranger price on the Ford Australia website, a dealer delivery fee of $ 2140 is listed, regardless of state or region.

Dealer Delivery is a catch-all cost that covers the time and labor involved in cleaning, inspecting and handing over the car to the customer.

These charges vary from dealer to dealer and can be set by the dealer to increase the drive-away price without affecting the proposed retail price set by the manufacturer.

In April 2022, Ford revealed the full price for the Ranger line-up. You can read our detailed pricing and specs article here.

The standard range starts at আগে 35,930 before the on-road cost of the standard high-rider body-style XL single-cab-chassis and extends to $ 70,190 before the on-road cost of the Wildtrak with the fleshy V6 turbo-diesel.

Prices for the Turbo-Petrol V6-powered Ranger Raptor range from $ 85,490 before on-road costs.

The 2022 Ford Ranger line-up has XL, XLS, XLT, Sport, Wildtrak and Raptor specification grades and offers four engine choices that are exclusively combined with automatic transmissions.

The headliner diesel is Ford’s 3.0-liter turbo-diesel V6 that produces 184kW of power and 600Nm of torque. A modified 2.0-liter dual-turbo diesel four-cylinder produces 154kW (below 3kW) and a familiar 500Nm, while the base 2.0-liter turbo-diesel four-cylinder produces 125kW and 403Nm.

The V6 diesel costs 000 3000 more than the 2.0-liter dual-turbo four-cylinder option.

The new-gen Ranger Raptor switches bi-turbo four-cylinder diesel for a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 petrol engine that produces 292kW and 583Nm.

Like the previous Ranger, this new generation model was designed and engineered for the world by Ford’s Australian engineering division.

It uses an updated version of the T6 architecture but it takes a big step in terms of technology.

A version with a long tub has also been speed tested, although it is not clear if it will be offered in Australia.

As we know, this new Ranger will be the basis of the next generation Volkswagen Amarok, which will be released on July 7.

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