2022 Ford Ranger: ARB accessory available at launch

It won’t be long before we see the full range of ARB “Ford Licensed Accessories” for the upcoming 2022 Ford Ranger.

Ford and the Australian off-road subsidiary ARB hosted a dealer event on 18 May, where they showcased the modified Ranger Utis, a brand new unchanged Everest SUV, as well as the previously revised Bronco SUV (the latter is not for Australia).

ARB has announced that it will offer more than 160 “ranger-specific parts” approved by Ford’s five-year and unlimited-kilometer warranty and available for purchase at Ford dealerships.

A spokesman for ARB has confirmed that all these accessories for the new Ranger will be available at the launch of ute in June 2022. The products are still in their final sign-off stage

Neither Ford nor ARB has released a complete list of accessories for the new Ranger at this stage, but ARB has said it will share “more details” of some of its products on social media “in the coming weeks.”

The ARB-modified rangers on display at the dealer event include a steel bull bar with hoops and LED lights, a warp winch, driving lights, front rating recovery point, dual-battery system, side steps, canopy, draw system, and a steel. Back bar.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The collaboration between Ford and ARB first began in early 2019 when engineers from both companies came together to design, test and verify parts and accessories.

The Australian off-road giant has been an official Ford partner since early 2021 and sells items such as bull bars, snorkels, lights and canopies through the Blue Oval’s dealer network.

Although it is an Australian company, ARB is also developing accessories for the US-market Ford Bronco – as shown at the Aussie event – and the Ranger.

On Australian soil the company has a left-handed drive Bronco whose range has been created, which was shown at the dealer event and includes bumpers, rock sliders, modular drawers and differential covers.

Although statistics vary by brand, it is common for Australians to drop a few thousand dollars by changing their UT or four-wheel drive wagon through the aftermarket.

Ford has previously stated that all ARB accessories being rolled out to its dealers went through a validation process, including testing of its Lara proof field in regional Victoria.

Pricing starts at our 2022 Ford Ranger price and as detailed in the special article আগে 35,930 before on-road costs For entry-level Ranger XL 4 × 2 single cab chassisAnd extends to আগে 85,490 before on-road costs For flowers on Ranger Raptor With 3.0-liter twin-turbo petrol V6 petrol engine.

There are four different powertrains available across the 2022 Ford Ranger range, including a 3.0-liter turbo-diesel V6 engine that produces 184kW of power and 600Nm, available on the Ranger XLT, Sport and Wildtrack.

The first batch of 2022 Ford Ranger left the Thai factory before sales began in June 2022.

The High-Performance Ranger Raptor will be launched in Australia in July 2022, and the next-generation Everest will be in the hands of Australian customers from August 2022.

Although Ford has begun mass production and shipping of the new Ranger, a leaked dealer bulletin reveals that the COVID-19 lockdown in China will result in fewer examples of new Ranger sales to dealers than initially expected.

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