2021 McLaren GT rapper owned by Reef Rough

Opportunity to buy a colorful McLaren GT previously owned by Reef Ruff.

Recognizing the need for a daily driveable supercar with extra storage space, McLaren’s engineers have created the GT platform as the perfect blend of feel and functionality. McLaren GT advertises itself as the perfect ride on the golf course, boasting a large back trunk designed to fit a set of adult gold clubs. Whether a professional PGA golfer or a celebrity rap star, the McLaren GT is the perfect all-round option for everyone with an active lifestyle. McLaren Charlotte supercar expert 2021 McLaren GT, formerly owned by American rapper Reef Ruff, is proud to showcase this show stopping as part of an exclusive and foreign supercar inventory..

Finished MSO Ceramic Gray ($ 7,500)

2021 McLaren GT 239996 1634724869

The McLaren GT’s strong ceramic gray finish comes as an additional alternative to the McLaren Special Operation, a base layer highlighting the vibrant pink aftermarket that compliments the reef rough style.. Along with the racing stripe and side skirt design, the pink theme carries the combined ‘RIFF RAFF’ hood decal. The configuration is matched with factory 10-twin-spoke lightweight imitation alloy wheels, providing a clear view of custom pink McLaren brake calipers. Although there are plenty of ceramic gray McLaren models, this feature is used to distinguish itself from all the others on the street.

Jet black leather with carbon black contrast stitching

2021 McLaren GT 239996 172808169

A vibrant exterior design that easily gives you insight into the mind of the reef ruff, the interior adopts a subtle blend of elegance and performance. The cabin setting uses jet black leather as the main focus, incorporating carbon black contrast stitching to add depth to the driver-based interior. A pair of comfortable sport-style seats makes it a delightful road trip regardless of the distance, it comes with a gloss black seat back option. Carbon-fiber sport steering wheels and interior trim components reduce unnecessary weight when pressing their caps on McLaren’s successful participation in motorsport.

4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 (612hp / 465ft-lb)

2021 McLaren GT 239996 1158177383

Highlighting the numbers standing next to the most powerful grand tours on the planet, The McLaren GT’s rear wheels produce 612 horsepower and 465-pound-feet of torque.. Incredible power output comes from McLaren’s iconic 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 engine, a platform used throughout the entire fleet of McLaren models. The McLaren GT uses its power and launches in just 3.2-seconds from 0-62mph, with a mind-blowing top speed of 203mph. This 2021 McLaren GT from McLaren Charlotte is currently available at the Dupont Registry for 239,996, by clicking the link below.. Check back at Dupont Registry for more upcoming The Spec Special and Celebrity Car news.

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